Pics From Obama’s Private Party Prove He Was Lying About CDC-Friendly Guest List

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After ensuring Americans that his birthday party extravaganza would be scaled back to a COVID-friendly guest list, rather than the originally scheduled 500-person event, it appears that former President Barack Obama may have been spouting some BS ahead of his bday to save his skin.

Once again proving that Democratic politicians remain as transparent as the Mobile-Tensaw Delta.

Photos from Friday’s 60th birthday bash were released by the Daily Mail, displaying massive tents sprawled throughout Martha’s Vineyard that welcomed a star-studded cast of celebrities rather than the mitigated total Obama had promoted following the controversial headlines.

When news first surfaced of Obama’s plans to welcome hundreds of guests, critics pointed out his hypocritical decision in the face of CDC-mandated guidelines that continue to force masks and vaccines on responsible Americans — most recently due to the spike in cases seen from the Delta variant.

Obama responded to the critics by ensuring that his reduced guest list would limit the event to “close family and friends.” Hundreds of guests were seen pouring in to the island, also shown in close proximity and without masks throughout the evening.

Seen touching down on the festivities were names like John Kerry (via private jet), Kathleen Biden (ex-wife of Hunter Biden), Stephen Colbert, Dwyane Wade, Oprah, Jay-Z, John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and more … sounding like the only action that Obama took was copying+pasting Epstein’s flight logs.

Thanks Obama.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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    • He went from a net worth of 1.8 million before getting elected President to now well over 100 million, while only having a salary of around 500k for 8 of those years. Of course he’s happy, he proved with his being elected how stupid this country is.

  1. As has been previously stated the entire episode is a hoax …as Travis has said months ago, “the coronabros live in the state of fear” … wearing a mask is absurd … nothing more than a pandemic of fear to creat compliance … never trust authority especially when financial gain is the big part of the equation…Fauci and Gates are not to be trusted… even President Trump got caught up…our constitutional rule of law can guide us … not Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell or any of the other spineless traitors to the republic… people wake up

  2. God the Obamas are awful. Had the opportunity to realize MLK’s dream for this country. Instead they doubled down on partisanship and cowardice. But they kept their famous friends friends and adoring fans of fatherless millions. DBAP, Barry.

  3. Obama telling lies? Gee, there’s a total shock…..also where’s that worthless muppet troll Mason trying to make excuses for this? Come on you worthless fuck, don’t less us down by not showing your ignorance yet again!

  4. More proof that these Democrats imposing mask mandates and lockdowns don’t believe masks and lockdowns prevent the spread of the coronavirus. These cowardly Democrats would be hiding under their beds and have masks surgical attached to their faces if they believed masks and lockdowns prevented the spread of the coronavirus.

    • Says the guy who supports slavery in Communist China. That’s the best you can do on your own? You’re just like Obama – you can’t think for yourself. You can only copy and paste talking points just like Obama needed a teleprompter.

      I also see you don’t really think the coronavirus is deadly because you’re just fine with your comrade Obama hosting a super spreader event.


  5. The fact a giant meteorite didn’t impact center stage in the middle of Pearl Jam’s set, or a giant hole open up to swallow everyone in attendance during that coven gathering is proof of God’s unmerited grace.

  6. Since the new guidance/ mandates, we’ve seen a repeat of 2020 on the part of those seeking to limit where we go and what we do:

    DC Mayor Bowser masklessly officiating a wedding just hours after mandates went in place in her own city.

    Gavin “French Laundry” Newsom sends his child to a maskless basketball camp and then pulls him. once photos surface of the camp’s activities including a pic of the waiver stating the camp would be mask optional.

    Mayor Lori Lightfoot allowing and attending the Lollapalooza Fest along with thousands of maskless attendees.

    Former President Obama’s 60th including an attempted party crash by speaker Pelosi. (Can’t wait to see the photos.)

    A wise man once said, “It’s deja vu all over again”. So, thanks too all these brave “leaders” for continuing to save us from ourselves.

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