Physics Teacher, Jessica Jackrabbit 69, Quits After Students Discover Her OnlyFans Side Hustle

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Here we go again with high school kids snooping around and outing their teachers for making a few bucks on the side dumping out content on OnlyFans.

Scottish high school physics teacher Kirsty Buchan, 33, quit her job this week and decided to turn pro at OnlyFans content production as a way to help raise money for her sick son and pay Christmas bills.

In an interview with Glasgow Live, Buchan explained how Bannerman High School wasn’t paying her wages as she stayed home to care for her sick son. The mom, whose OF bio reads, “Good teacher gone bad… really bad,” said she had 47 subscribers at $9.99 within three days.

Physics teacher quits job after onlyfans page is discovered
Physics teacher Kirsty Buchan, 33, says she joined OnlyFans to pay Christmas bills. NY Post / OnlyFans / Getty Images

“Some people are saying I must be mad to go from being a physics teacher to selling nude photos online. But it has become very clear to me that I was insane to stick at that job for six years under the strain that I was facing every day,” Buchan, who goes by Jessica Jackrabbit 69, explained to the news outlet.

“I was staying up to 1 am doing extra unpaid work and the stress was unbelievable. I was crying my eyes out at my situation and I didn’t know which way to turn. I had read about other teachers earning £50,000 a month on the site and I had a sick child at home who needed a mum who is earning.”

Physics teacher Kirsty Buchan goes by Jessica Jackrabbit 69 on OnlyFans / OF

Once her students outed her side hustle, the teacher says the Glasgow City Council was going to fire her, but she beat them to the punch and quit.

“I’ve had people saying it’s my body and my decision what I do with it. And that’s the bottom line. I’m not ashamed of my body and I discussed all this with my boyfriend before I made the decision to open the account on Only fans,” she continued.

A Glasgow City Council spokesperson doesn’t deny it was about to fire Jessica Jackrabbit.

Jackrabbit told the Scottish Sun that the school was dangerous and life will be much simpler by ripping off her clothes on social media.

“I’ve had fights in my class and teachers on other floors have heard me screaming and ran to help,” she said.

“I’ve had to split up fights in the road and nearly been hit by buses. Teachers are being told to improve their teaching method and are sent home for refusing to teach.”

Physics teacher OnlyFans model

Look, let’s put a little perspective on how this is all going to work out for Jackrabbit. She’s going viral around the world via tabloids over this salacious story which will be incredible for business. She’s going to add a bunch of subscribers who will enter credit cards, then forget they have a Jessica Jackrabbit subscription as they move on to other OnlyFans up-and-comers and the physics teacher will be pocketing good money without having to put together lessons or deal with hoodrat students.

She’ll end up back in the tabloids 4-5 months from now via headlines saying she’s making $200k a month and life is much better than the hell she went through as a physics teacher.

There will be a 3-5 year window before Jackrabbit will see things drop off.

She can always start making physics-teaching YouTube videos in her red wig and make big money for years to come. It’s all about how much hustle Jackrabbit wants to give here.

It’s 2022, Jackrabbit.

Relax, you’re going to love the free agent lifestyle.

OnlyFans Physics teacher Jessica Jackrabbit 69 -
Kirsty Buchan / Facebook
Kirsty Buchan / Facebook

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