Photos Shared From Kabul Airport Show Uplifting Moments Between Afghan Kids And Marines

Approaching a week since the Taliban forces first jolted a worldwide audience with their siege of Kabul, lingering concern grows heavier with the American people over the safety of thousands of citizens still stuck in the Afghan capital.

As the turmoil from these events escalates by the day, a brief moment of levity was shared out of Hamid Karzai International Airport on Friday.

Images released by the U.S. State Dept. showed Marines assisting with a range of activities from within the Kabul airport. Whether it’s keeping lookout on the hostile grounds, or providing Afghan people with essentials, the Marines were active in helping a community fully abandoned by their government.

The American personnel were also seen interacting with the Afghan children, cheerfully playing games and even holding babies — inches away from weaponry with a world’s worth of confidence.

A crew of US Marines en route to the Kabul airport were also photographed, seen enjoying their own bit of levity to the crisis at hand.

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Written by Alejandro Avila


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  1. Our fine military deserves better leadership. I also saw footage of our officers “trying” to train Afghan soldiers, of whom half seem to be high. What a waste of our people to, let’s be honest, make a bunch of arms dealers billions. Our presidents, Pentagon and generals should be ashamed of themselves for using this great military for their side hustles. God sees it all even if they think they can continue to cover it all up with lie upon lie.

  2. Every POS in the government that bitches and complains about our country needs to look into the eye of these soldiers…these young Americans risk their lives not only to keep us safe, but to keep foreigners safe in a hostile environment! They are the true spirit of America, not the AOCs of the world.

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