If We Ever Needed A Fact Check: Fan Who Got His Ass Beat Claims He Won The Fight

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As the Suns finished their Game 3 victory against the Denver Nuggets en route to a sweep, a loyal Phoenix fan fought the battle off the court.

Nick McKellar, a Denver-based DJ, was present at Ball Arena when a taunting Nuggets fan poured beer on his head and took a misguided shot. A brief altercation ensued.

After the missed punch, McKellar unleashed fists on the man’s face before sticking up four fingers to give a spot-on prediction: Suns in 4.

After McKellar’s win in the stands and on the Internet, the fan who took the beating is speaking out to set the record straight. He claims he didn’t get his ass handed to him (yes, he did.)

“When he went to yank my chain, he accidentally scratched my nose,” claimed the fan, defending the gash on the bridge of his nose that surely came from McKellar’s mitts.

The Nuggets fan, who took the first shot, thinks the narrative has changed and makes it seem like he lost the fight. While the punching prophet appears to be the clear victor in the video, it’s up to you to decide.

Did the Nuggets fan win the fight? Or was it the Denver disc jockey, who connected with Phoenix’s Devin Booker for free Western Conference Finals tickets and a signed jersey after his supportive sparring for the Suns?

Written by Alejandro Avila

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