Mob Of Juveniles Ransack & Destroy Philly Wawa Convenience Store

If you know how to stop juveniles from destroying convenience stores, your services are needed in Philadelphia.

Philly police say they’re investigating a Saturday night incident where approximately 100 juveniles looted, ransacked, and destroyed a Wawa convenience store. We’re talking an estimated 100 juveniles coming together at 8:22 p.m. on a Saturday to tear up the store and then leave.

“You’re all stupid,” an employee can be heard saying as he records the destruction. “For real. You’re all stupid, ugly, broke.”

Why destroy a Wawa?

  • Content
  • Bored
  • Social media street cred
  • Hate the system
  • Didn’t feel like paying for snacks
  • To be cool at school

Let’s go to the footage and you decide why this is happening:

In August, a mob of teens picked a Jamaican restaurant to destroy. In that incident, a large group of teens forced their way into the restaurant and proceeded to flip tables, toss chairs, break plexiglass barriers and even throw a bicycle into the restaurant.

“We have done nothing to nobody except open a restaurant trying to make a living, as well as trying to provide a service. Nobody’s expecting that they’re going into business to get their place trashed,” the owner told NBC Philadelphia.

The city modified its curfew in July with the goal of keeping youths off the streets, but as you can tell, it’s not working.

By August, the federal government had stuck its hands into the Philly mess that has seen 120 juveniles shot in 2022. Whatever the feds came up with sure isn’t working, as Saturday’s looting shows.

And in September, youth advocates and city leaders said the behavior that is leading to teens murdering and destroying businesses is due to…gun violence and lack of space to grieve “after being exposed to gun violence.”

That’s right, it’s a cycle and then Wawa stores are destroyed as the teens act out.

What about parenting? Anyone going to bring up that factor?

Maybe the Philly chapter of Black Lives Matter can be a beacon of hope for these kids.

Oops, Philly BLM hasn’t tweeted since May and hasn’t said a word on Facebook or Instagram about the youths destroying local businesses that will eventually just pull out and leave these neighborhoods rather than deal with the constant destruction.

Starbucks announced this month it would open a store in center city Philadelphia that will not include a bathroom or seating.

Remember, this city is being run by a mayor who said he cannot wait to be out of office. What a guy. Create an absolute shithole and then run off and leave the inmates to run the asylum.


Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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