Philly Scumbags Smash 70-Year-Old Man’s Car During Eagles Super Bowl Street Party Until Good Samaritan Neighbor Rushes In

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Bro…bro…bro…bro…let’s smash this car…yeah, brooooo this will be so sweet we’ll record it and put it on TikTok…this will be a great Super Bowl LVII memory, bro!

A select group of Philly scumbags really created some content Sunday during a pre-Super Bowl street party/bro-fest in the Temple University district where police are now hunting for the scumbags who pummeled a car belonging to a 70-year-old disabled man.

The car owner, Richard Pierce, says the commotion on Arlington Street got noisy and he went to his window to find a woman jumping up and down on his hood. Pierce, whose car was parked in a designated disabled persons spot, says he ran to his door to yell at her to get off his car, but he couldn’t open the door because Eagles Super Bowl bros were pressed up against the door so he began pushing the screendoor to get their attention.

A Philly scumbag beats on 70-year-old Richard Pierce’s car as part of some Super Bowl pregaming bro-fest. / Twitter

“I asked them to tell that young lady to get off my car,” Pierce told a Fox29 reporter. “She got off and a little later I heard a fight so I went to the window to see the fight and there were two guys out here fighting. A neighbor then knocked on my door and said, ‘Come outside and take a look at the damage they did to your car.'”

“My neighbor across the street saw him do it and ran across the street and punched him in the mouth,” Pierce, who says he graduated from Temple University in 1974 and then again in 1988, added.

As you can see in the video being used by authorities, the neighbor is the only one to punch the scumbag in the mouth. The rest of the Eagles bros stand around thinking this is cool and a rite of passage because their team was about to play in the Super Bowl.

As you’ll also notice, the tough guy with the ice scraper (?) didn’t want any further confrontation after having taking a bomb upside the head.

Now comes the question as to if Philly will do anything about the Pierce car situation or if the local justice system will once again just move on to other things. Will Philly District Attorney Larry Krasner, who’s described by Mother Jones as “a reformist prosecutor who built a national reputation for attempting to curb mass incarceration,” have anything to say about scumbags bringing yet more carnage to the city?

Don’t hold your breath.

In what shouldn’t come as a surprise, Krasner has been silent on his Twitter account over the nonsense destruction. Instead, he was busy playing dress-up to pay off a Super Bowl bet with the Kansas City DA.

Folks, you gotta stop voting for these scumbags.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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