Philly Rent-A-Center Looters Leave Dallas Cowboys Recliner

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What happens when a North Philly Rent-A-Center is looted and there’s a Dallas Cowboys recliner sitting on the floor just waiting to be hauled off by a couple guys? Of course it’s left behind. What’s someone in Philly going to do with a Cowboys recliner? That was exactly what happened this week and it was all documented by Jason ‘Jay Royal’ Dobson who was in charge of boarding up the storefront to prevent further destruction.

In no way do I condone stealing but when I saw this it definitely brought a quick laugh out of my boys and I boarding up this Rent-A-Center……. the PHILLY @philadelphiaeagles hate for the @dallascowboys shines bright even during the worlds Biggest Protest! I’ve had a lot of videos go viral but this is the 1st one from my Instagram story! Philly you all are the definition of Die Hard!!

It appears this is the style of recliner that was left at the Philly Rent-A-Center. It’s actually called a Dallas Cowboys playoff recliner and sells for $800. Philly people clearly had no use for it.

Dallas Cowboys recliner

Jay added on another IG post:

If someone told me what I was about to see in Philly last night I would of thought they were over exaggerating.
Being from NY nothing can surprise me but the state that our big cities are in right now is something worse than ever before! While on this ladder in North Philly boarding up looted stores you can hear gas stations exploding, gun shots, helicopters and screams…. what you don’t hear is Police. The city is in such turmoil that there was literally no law, the cops are extremely out numbered at night and the badge doesn’t hold any weight at this moment… all cops in this particular part of N. Philly would most definitely be fighting for their lives if they pulled up to help or arrest anybody….people were being shot while others stepped over their bodies or searched their pocket but oddly enough no one brought drama our way….. it was like a protective shield from God that made us invisible or they just thought we were some crazy mofos that were the wrong ones to mess with. At one point 6 men completely covered in black clothes and masks are literally breaking into the store next to the one we were working on yet neither their team nor our team acknowledged each other…. we were all there on different missions and stayed out of each other’s way….
Please understand that there are peaceful protests and then there is what is happening in the dead of night which IS NOT PROTESTS… it’s Anarchy! Please don’t confuse the 2! There are opportunistic low lives from every ethnicity trying to capitalize from the much needed message attempted to be delivered! During ‘Gatherings’ In the name of an unarmed man being killed (George Floyd), I watched people get robbed, stores looted and burned to the ground and a brother get shot by another brother for the bag of stolen things he just stole…:THAT IS NOT PROTESTING!

Please don’t confuse the two, and those trying to make an excuse for the ones destroying their own cities need to stop condoning it ??????

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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