Phillies ‘Doing Everything They Can’ To Keep J.T. Realmuto

According to reports, the Philadelphia Phillies are “doing everything they can” to re-sign star catcher J.T. Realmuto. He’s the best catcher in the game, so they should probably get this done.

Just five days ago, a rumor got out that the Phillies were offering him just north of $100 million. With a five-year deal, that’s more than $20 million/year, which should be plenty to land Realmuto.

Of course, Buster Posey’s flop of a $159 million extension with the Giants won’t help Realmuto, but he can always argue that the situations aren’t comparable. The two-time All-Star is viewed across baseball as a “special” athlete behind the dish who is expected to play well into his late-30s.

Quite a few Philly fans are upset about a dismal bullpen that’s since signed reliever Archie Bradley, but they should worry about one thing at a time. When their best player is re-signed, only then should the Phillies turn their attention to the mound.

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