Philadelphians Drag Basketball Hoop Around City To Break The Tension

Stephania Ergemlidze announced Monday on YouTube, where she’s a basketball star, that she would be holding a basketball peaceful protest in Philly and that’s exactly what she did today. She kept it simple: basketball hoop and a basketball. Her plan was to help put a smile on faces in a city that has had a rough few days as protestors and police have battled in the streets. And then people started shooting hoops, including Stephania playing one cop in one-on-one and other cops putting up shots from downtown.

Ergemlidze says she was originally planning on moving to Los Angeles this Friday, but now she might push that back and take her basketball peaceful protest to other cities. “We’re gonna try to do Newark, maybe D.C., Baltimore, possibly Boston, New York. I don’t know if I can do New York because of the situation getting into the city right now,” she said. A quick look through Stephania’s YouTube page shows that she is known to take her hoop into cities, including one trip into Times Square.

If you guys are looking for a little positivity to get you through the week, this is it.

Stephania’s Times Square stop back in the fall:

Written by Joe Kinsey

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