Philadelphia 76ers Player Attacked By Georgian Police, Players At International Game

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What a crazy sequence.

Philadelphia 76ers guard Furkan Korkmaz got into a fight during an international match with Georgian player Duda Sanadze. Korkmaz was ejected from the game and attacked by Georgian police and bench players from the opposing team moments later.

Playing Georgia’s international team in a EuroBasket 2022 tournament, Korkmaz started mouthing off in Sanadze’s direction during the fourth quarter and soon found himself head-butting his opponent.

Fans in attendance began throwing cups on the court as the two went at it, and Korkmaz was ejected from the contest.

On his way to the locker room, Korkmaz was reportedly met and attacked by Georgian police officers and players from Georgia’s international team.

Turkish federation vice president Omer Onan released a statement on the incident. Onan condemned the Georgian police that helped instigate the fight and relayed that Turkey will withdraw from the EuroBasket tourney if security footage of the locker-room incident is not released.

“While Furkan Korkmaz was walking in the hallway to the locker rooms with our trainer, Georgia’s players who were not in the active roster attacked him together with the ejected player (Sanadze) and the police. There should not be an attack on the player that goes to the locker room. At the end of the match, 30 policemen each pushed us into a fight.

“We got into a fight with Georgia’s official police. I am calling out to FIBA and I have also told FIBA’s officials. Let no one deceive themselves or think that we are stupid. They will bring us all the camera footage from that corridor minute by minute without anything missing. If those cameras do not come to us, we will leave this tournament.”

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Georgia went on to defeat Turkey, 88-83, in double OT. The Sunday face-off was hosted in Tbilisi, Georgia.

Turkey’s assistant head coach Hakan Demir also released a statement on the attack on Korkmaz.

“Today, the Georgian players and some security guards in the hallway disrespected us. We came here to play basketball, not for anything else. So everything should stay on the court, but unfortunately, a big scandal took place off the court. Such things do not suit the spirit of sports.

“A basketball game was supposed to be played today, but unfortunately what happened went beyond basketball. We have two more games left in Georgia and, unfortunately, what happened in the corridors today was against the spirit of the sport. We expected a more gentlemanly treatment, but unfortunately, it did not happen.”

(Photo by Nikola Krstic/MB Media/Getty Images)

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  1. You’d hope that sport, especially international sport that is supposed to bring different people together in the name of peace, was a good example of friendly competition.

    I guess that ain’t gonna happen when nations of corruption filled governments compete in such a vile atmosphere.

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