New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy Gets Roasted For Congratulating Phillies And Eagles, Completely Ignoring Giants And Jets

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is happier for the sports teams in the state next to him than those in the actual state he governs. The Democratic governor was roasted on Twitter for sending a congratulatory tweet about the Philadelphia Eagles and Phillies’ recent wins while ignoring the New York Jets and Giants’ victories. Of course those two teams play in the Garden State.

The Phillies shocked the defending World Series champs, the Atlanta Braves, on Saturday to win the National League Division Series. The Eagles then followed that up with a win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday night to move to 6-0 on the year.

Meanwhile, the Jets upset the Packers in Green Bay while the Giants continued to roll with a 24-20 win over the Baltimore Ravens Sunday afternoon.

Murphy was only worried about teams in Philadelphia, however, as he sent his congratulatory tweet on Monday afternoon.

While there are plenty of folks in New Jersey that claim the Eagles and Phillies as their teams, there are others who view the Jets and Giants as Jersey’s own. Seeing as how the Giants and Jets are having simultaneous success for the first time in over a decade, Murphy’s tweet drew quite the pushback from some on Twitter.

Phil Murphy Roasted On Twitter For Ridiculous Tweet

Two hours after being eviscerated by the internet, Murphy finally realized the Jets and Giants played in his state and won over the weekend too. He sent out a tweet about the two teams, but it was far too late.

Written by Mark Harris

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