Phil Mickelson Is The Talk Of The Clubhouse Right Now And Jordan Spieth Nearly Spills The Beans

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Phil Mickelson is an absolute rock star in the PGA clubhouse right now for obvious reasons. Whenever it comes out that you gambled away billions over your career, you’re gonna be the water cooler topic at work.

That’s no different in golf, where the fellas are hacking away at TPC Southwind this weekend, just 24 hours after the bombshell report on Phil dropped.

Obviously, it’s all anyone can talk about, and that was clear when one reporter asked Jordan Spieth what the scuttlebutt was in the clubhouse.

What followed was the most Jordan Spieth response you could’ve hoped for, complete with an absolute full-stop halfway through, quick pivot, sly smile and walk off the stage.

Jordan Spieth slams the brakes on Phil Mickelson talk

Hilarious. Golf is so much better when Jordan Spieth is good. Frankly, it’s equally as entertaining when he’s bad because he’s the Hot Mic King, but still.

For those who missed it, Phil Mickelson apparently gambled upwards of $1 billion on sports in the past 30 years. That’s according to a bombshell excerpt from an upcoming book by Lefty’s former gambling partner, Billy Walters.

His memoir, entitled “Gambler: Lessons from a Life at Risk,” comes out Aug. 22. I have a feeling it’s gonna hit with one of those New York Times Bestseller labels pretty darn quick now.

Anyway, Spieth clearly starts to answer honestly, and then slams the brakes and plays dumb. Smart move. Rory McIlory, meanwhile, did the complete opposite earlier in the day because there is no person in sports right now more petty than him.

Can’t wait to see Lefty hit the podium at some point down the road. That’s gonna be electric.

Written by Zach Dean

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