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Kevin Warren stayed up all night laughing & sucking down the tears of Ohio State fans

The B1G commish is smiling this morning over the news that the Buckeyes had to cancel their game against Illinois over COVID. This will most likely lead to a cancelation of the December 5 game against Michigan State — based on how the COVID season has gone for Big Ten teams — and that will knock the Buckeyes out of the Big Ten title game. That’s the kind of absolute nonsense that Kevin Warren came up this fall by first getting the presidents to cancel the season and then waiting so long to start the season once the conference realized it looked like fools for canceling it altogether.

I’m not telling you guys anything you don’t already know about the situation. As someone based in Ohio, I can tell you that this mess has been a huge drag on residents who just need something to get them through a bad year. People are desperate to have something to look forward to on Saturdays. They can’t sit at a bar past 10. They can’t go to sporting events. Some kids aren’t allowed to go to school in-person. The weather has turned gray and the snow is coming. Now it’s looking like all that’s left for people in Ohio is a game against Michigan that those pussies will probably cancel claiming COVID to prevent an embarrassing 40-point loss.

Anyway, there’s still a bunch of college football to watch today and an Iron Bowl that will be unlike anything we’ve seen in our lifetimes. The stands at Bryant-Denny will be 20% full and Nick Saban won’t be on the sidelines.

• I thoroughly enjoyed the Curry-Manning vs. Phil-Charles golf match. I’m sure the cool guys on social media thought it was horrible, but it was exactly what I needed to see. It was lighthearted, entertaining and had just enough thrilling moments to keep me watching. I stopped what I was doing for every Barkley tee shot. Watching Phil have to hit Barkley’s ball out of the desert was pure enjoyment. Curry was a little too aloof for me but not enough to turn the channel.

• God, I hope Michigan loses by 30 to Penn State.

• The get-in price for today’s Iron Bowl is $275. The Egg Bowl get-in is $125.

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