PGA Apologizes For Crowd Behavior At PGA Championship

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Except for the animated golf clap, fans of the PGA are generally expected to remain calm, cool and collected. It’s all just part of the game.

That is why the PGA felt compelled to apologize for the fairly chaotic crowd situation on the 18th hole of the PGA Championship, mostly noted for 50-year old winner Phil Mickelson.

But Mickelson and Brooks Koepka weren’t all that protected and were a tad bit vulnerable as they walked to the greens for their finals putts.

“While we welcome enthusiastic fan engagement, we regret that a moment of high elation and pent-up emotion by spectators on the 18th hole of yesterday’s historic PGA Championship briefly overwhelmed security and made two players and their caddies feel vulnerable,” PGA of America CEO Seth Waugh said in a statement.

“We always put players safety at the top of our list and are grateful that order was restored. I have spoken to both players and apologized on behalf of the Association.”

Mickelson actually seemed to embrace the chaos, calling it “a little bit unnerving, but it was exceptionally awesome too.”

Koepka wasn’t nearly as understanding.

“It would have been cool if I didn’t have a knee injury and got dinged a few times in the knee in that crowd because no one really gave a s–t,” Koepka said, via the New York Post. “Yeah, it’s cool for Phil, but getting dinged a few times isn’t exactly my idea of fun. I was trying to protect my knee.”

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Written by Sam Amico

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