Peyton Manning’s 11-Year-Old Son Throws Darts At Pro Bowl Games, Connects With Dad’s Former Wide Receiver

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With Arch Manning enrolled at Texas, it’s time to turn focus toward the next quarterback to come from the first family of football— Marshall Manning. Although he is just 11 years old, the son of Peyton is already throwing touchdowns to NFLers past and present.

Marshall Manning is like that.

Marshall, who will be part of the college football recruiting Class of 2029, has had an unbelievable last few weeks. As the son of a Pro Football Hall of Fame quarterback, his entire childhood has been awesome, but he and his dad have been on a tear over the last few weeks.

Peyton and Marshall showed up to both an NFC and AFC Divisional Round game last month.

They are in Las Vegas this weekend. Peyton is coaching the AFC team against Eli and the NFC in the Pro Bowl Games.

It appears as though Marshall was allowed to tag along after school got out on Friday. He was on the field at Allegiant Stadium during both practices on Saturday and took the opportunity to prove why he is the next Manning quarterback set to turn heads.

Marshall Manning was throwing lasers to both the NFC and AFC Pro Bowl teams.

Marshall’s form, as could be expected, is already perfect. He started off by connecting with Justin Jefferson on a 20-yard, back-shoulder throw.

He later took the snap in a goal line set and split double coverage for a touchdown to Stefon Diggs in the back of the end zone.

To bring things full-circle, Marshall also threw to one of his dad’s old pass-catchers.

Peyton threw 34 touchdowns to Marcus Pollard while in Indianapolis. His son threw one to Pollard on Saturday.

Ray Lewis was in coverage and Marshall dropped a 20(ish)-yard dime into a bucket right beyond the Hall of Fame linebacker’s reach after telling Pollard to go deep.

Like father, like son. Like uncle, like nephew. Like cousin, like cousin.

Marshall Manning is only in the sixth grade, but he is on his way to being a star. Back in 2021, Kirby Smart revealed that Peyton asked him to recruit his son to Georgia. There is still a long way to go, but with Marshall’s trajectory and last name, he will be able to play wherever he wants!

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