Peter Carroll Shares Hilariously Honest Reaction To Seahawks – 49ers Wild Card Matchup

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After missing the playoffs a year ago, Pete Carroll is happy the Seattle Seahawks are back playing in the postseason, but he’s not exactly thrilled about their opponent.

After knocking off the Los Angeles Rams to end the regular season and getting help from the Detroit Lions, the Seahawks punched their ticket to this year’s playoffs. They’ll match up with the San Francisco 49ers on Saturday afternoon.

Speaking with reporters on Monday, the reality seemed to set in for Carroll that he and the Seahawks could be running into a real-life buzzsaw against San Francisco.

“To get the win to give us a chance – we’ll try to do something with it. Unfortunately, we’re playing the Niners” he said with a chuckle, “and they’re loaded. They’re loaded and healthy and on a roll and as about as hot as you could possibly get and doing it in a very commanding fashion with a young quarterback, who’s doing so well.” 

Pete Carroll knows the Seahawks are the underdogs against the 49ers in their wild card matchup. (Photo by Jane Gershovich/Getty Images)

Despite Jimmy Garoppolo going down with an injury in Week 12, the 49ers ended the regular season on a 10-game win streak with Brock Purdy winning six of those games under center.


While it’s a safe assumption that Purdy and the 49ers will come back down to Earth at some point this postseason, it’s hard to imagine that moment coming at home against the Seahawks this weekend.

Pete Carroll, like everyone else, has been impressed by Purdy so far this season.

“He’s capable. It’s not too big for him. It doesn’t seem like he’s got the rookie learning curve to deal with it,” Carroll said. 

Purdy has thrown 13 touchdowns and rushed for another while throwing three interceptions in his six games as a starter.

Written by Mark Harris

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