People Will Be Offended Over Anything, Including Brady’s Lombardi Trophy Toss

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There are things worth getting upset over, and there are things not worth getting upset over. Tom Brady tossing the Lombardi Trophy from one boat to another during the Super Bowl LV celebratory parade?

Yeah, we’ll put that one in the “not worth getting upset over” category.

If you’re wondering if anyone would dispute that designation, the answer is yes. Her name is Lorraine Grohs, and she is not happy with Brady right now.

According to Kyle Burger with ABC Action News down in Tampa, she is the daughter of Greg Grohs, the master silversmith who crafted the very first Lombardi Trophy. Burger shared the story via his Twitter account on Saturday morning.

You have got to check this out.

Grohs said the trophy was “disgraced” and “disrespected” while going on about how she hasn’t slept in two days over the matter. Yes, you read that correctly. She has had trouble sleeping because a seven-time Super Bowl champion tossed a trophy from one boat to another.

Had she blamed COVID as the culprit behind her sleepless nights, we could all understand — at least for the most part. Hell, she could’ve said she shorted GameStop and we could all rally behind her worry. But Brady throwing a trophy?

Come on, now. This can’t be serious. AND … she wants an apology.

If this had been the trophy her father had crafted, then maybe. Still not saying I would feel she was justified (I wouldn’t), but at least I could somewhat understand. There is nothing about this situation that makes sense.

Hope she’s a fan of the name Karen.

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Written by Clint Lamb

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  1. I don’t hear Edward Stanley bitching about hockey players partying to the full with Lord Stanley’s Cup. Karen is jealous the Lombardi gets more action than she ever will. Its time for the NFL to find a new trophy maker.

  2. For thousands of years we’ve had unhappy people with far too much time on their hands.nBut what makes these times so aggravating is those people are glued to their phones for a reason to be offended, and worse, social media has given them a platform to vent about it.

    20 years ago Mrs. Lombardi trophy might make the local newspaper, maybe CNN airs it for 90 seconds and only people in their 70’s/80’s actually see it. Now it makes National news. I have completely checked out of social media, this site and the daily wire are my only connections left. Sadly this is the time of year where even great sites like Outkick have very little to talk about. Might be time to lay low for a while.

    • Debbie Downer is a good analogy. She sounds like the typical liberal who wakes up everyday pissed off about something. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…Trump, Wednesday…Brady throwing the Lombardi Trophy, Thursday, Friday, Saturday…Trump.

  3. Gonna go out on a limb and speculate she didn’t like our 45th President either.
    It’s not too far a leap from TDS to TB12DS.
    Went thru 9 pages of google to find GREG GROHS, the master silversmith, but only found his daughter, “Karen”. I guess ol’ Greg’s in the dust bin with all the old records.

  4. There is a void right now for a lot of people, they’ve been able to blame trump for all the unhappiness in their lives for 4 years. Now he’s gone, and they are still miserable.

    • The void probably comes from having no relationship with God or their father in their life…or worse somebody in authority used it to abuse them. So any authority figure is where they lash out at.

      • Great point, I feel especially bad for atheists, you can see a frantic desperation in their eyes, they have hitched their wagon to Hollywood/Twitter for peace of mind and soul. Seeking peace where there is only controversy and narcissism.

        • I think in their twisted upside down because they’ve lived it…they think chaos is peace. Or something along the lines of Orwell saying war is peace. It’s why I think a lot of what we see in the news you can start it back most of the time by asking what their relationship with their father was.

          • When I watched the OJ Simpson doc ESPN put out several years ago…there was a very brief part about his father in it. That brief part basically told me everything I needed to know.

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