Pennsylvania High School Football Game Ends In Controversy As Blocked Kick Never Whistled Dead Ends In Walk-Off Big Man TD

Friday’s Pennsylvania high school football game between Central Catholic and Penn Hills ended in mayhem. The Western Pa. showdown came down to one of the craziest finishes in recent history.

Split seconds after Penn Hills appeared to win the game, the entire narrative flipped on its head.

Central Catholic was down by one, 27-28, with just seconds left on the clock. It took a timeout and lined up to kick a 49-yard field goal.

If the kick went in, the Vikings would have won. If it missed, the Indians would have won on the road.

Neither situation ended up playing out.

The Pennsylvania high school football finish between Penn Hills and Central Catholic was absolutely bananas.

Penn Hills blocked the kick and that appeared to be it. It looked like a game-winning field goal block, the Indians seemed to pull off the win, and its players rushed onto the field to celebrate.

But the game wasn’t over. A blocked kick is not a dead ball.

While the Indians celebrated what it thought was a victory, the Vikings looked deflated — but only momentarily. Central Catholic offensive lineman Anthony Shovlin jogged over to the live ball, which was still in the field of play, and looked around to make sure that he wasn’t crazy.

He wasn’t. Shovlin picked the ball up, and took off streaking with nothing but green grass in front of him.

Meanwhile, as the big fella rumbled down the sideline, Penn Hills players and coaches started to realize what was going on and looked stunned. But it was too late.

Shovlin went 32 yards into the end zone for a touchdown with the clock expired. It was a legal play that proved to be the true game-winner.

As a result of the shocking big man touchdown, Central Catholic went from losing by one to winning the game 33-28. Penn Hills called the finish controversial, but it wasn’t. The ball was live, the play was never blown dead, and the Vikings won on the wild, heads-up play.

Written by Grayson Weir

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  1. Thank you for explaining that to us like we are in first grade but the explanation isn’t exactly accurate. This whole article is vague and full of half truths.

    Penn Hills called the finish controversial because it was actually very controversial.

    To say is blocked kick isn’t a dead ball isn’t completely accurate. In high school football a blocked extra point is a dead ball because it can’t be advanced by the kicking team or returned by defensive team.

    Obviously this was a field goal attempt. A blocked field goal in high school can only be advanced by the offensive team if it is behind the line of scrimmage. If you watch the video closely the line of scrimmage was the 32 yard line. The block kicked rolled forward just past the 32 where the big guy picked it up and advanced it. It was just barely past the line of scrimmage but clearly it rolled past. So it should have been blown dead when the offensive player touched the ball.

    Yes it’s true the ball wasn’t blown dead so it was a heads up play by the big guy. But that’s not the point. The controversy lies in the fact that the ball should have been blown dead once the offensive player touched the ball past the line of scrimmage. So while the play was a game winner it wasn’t a legal play.

    Details are important here when your thesis is that the losing team shouldn’t call it a controversy. Because it actually wasn’t a legal play.

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