Pay To See His Jackass? Steve-O’s Launching An X-Rated Website

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If you’re into seeing naked jackasses and asses in general, you’re in luck. Steve-O, of MTV’s Jackass fame, is launching an X-rated website. Details surrounding the new site are still a bit sketchy, but Steve-O promises to offer “explicit” content.

To those who have ever laid eyes on one of the many Jackass movies or tv episodes, you should expect more wieners than a July fourth cookout.

“I’m just thrilled to finally be able to post the things I think are funny and awesome, without getting in trouble,” Steve-O told Page Six.

The new site, “Steve-O Raw,” already features a landing page of a naked Steve-O inside a larger than life coconut. Steve-O was asked specifically by Page Six if the site contained pornography. His response: “This page hosts all of my explicit, uncensored content, and there’s a lot of that.”

Who knew there was a market for Steve-O porn?

Just in time for Christmas, members can spend $9.99 a month for access to jokes, stunts, meet-and-greets, apparent nudity, and more. You must be 18 to enter the site.

Steve-O says he launched the site partly because he grew tired of his material being censored on social media. “I got so sick of getting in trouble with just about every social media platform for ‘violating community guidelines’” he said to Page Six. “I’m just thrilled to finally be able to post the things I think are funny and awesome, without getting in trouble.”

He also plans to live-stream content and will not be charging additional fees outside of the cost of a monthly membership. “On OnlyFans you have to pay to unlock each piece of content, and there’s no live-streaming. On my page, everything is already unlocked and playable once you’ve subscribed, and I have live-streaming, as well as regular giveaways and contests,” added Steve-O, who’s real name is Stephen Glover.

Leave it to one of the founding members of Jackass to make his jingle bells viewable just days ahead of Christmas.


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Written by Anthony Farris