Paulina Gretzky Vacation Bender Moves To The Slopes

The Paulina Gretzky “BAAAAACK” vacation tour is rolling on this week from Aspen Snowmass where the DJ and Paulina friends and family crew is doing shot-skis, shredding glorious slopes and doing whatever else you do in Colorado these days.

Paulina announced she was BAAAAACK on Halloween and it’s been one content dump after another from the Masters, to the post-Masters trip, to the pre-Christmas trip, to the New Years/birthday trip to this week’s Aspen trip. This would be enough to ruin the typical Instagram model who needs multiple weeks at a time on the couch watching the dumb Kardashians and promoting energy-water drinks to build up the travel budget.

Not the GOAT. Not when you have a private jet on call and ready to dump the crew in one of America’s playgrounds.

The usual suspects are on this trip including sister-in-law Sara Gretzky, best friend Kristina Melnichenko, Austin Johnson’s wife Samantha and a bunch of other Gretzkys.

Some people aspire to be in charge of their HOA and hit up Gatlinburg every couple of years. Screw that. Start aspiring to hit the MegaMillions or Powerball so you can start living like this.

Paulina Gretzky ski vacation - 1
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Paulina Gretzky ski vacation - 2
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Paulina Gretzky ski vacation - 3
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Written by Joe Kinsey

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