Paulina Gretzky Uncorks A 350-Yard Drive (Or More!) In Idaho

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Once again, Paulina Gretzky is having a better golf life than you losers…like me who shoot in the mid-90s to low 100s depending on how many beers we crush.

The Great One’s daughter is in Gozzer, Idaho this week with the whole Gretzky crew for the annual trip where they golf a bunch, suck down drinks, go boating, go swimming, crush great food concocted by great chefs, and do a bunch of real rich people things.

Those of you who’ve been following my work over the years know all about the Gretzky Idaho compound. I’m fairly certain they still have the house with the dual waterslide with a view the Saudis would probably pay BILLIONS to get their hands on.

We’re talking about an elite AF trip where the whole Gretzky family shows off just how athletic and RICH AF they are.

Even 34-year-old Paulina gets out on the golf course to show all the D-list golf influencers that she’s picked up a thing or two over the years while married to two-time major winner DJ, who’s sitting on a mountain of Saudi cash and doesn’t have to golf much these days.

He can just sit around Idaho all summer teaching his wife the finer points to launching massive drives.

Go ahead, Paulina. Show us how it’s done.

I’ll say this right now: Paulina is welcome to enter the Toledo Golf Tour scrambles I participate in from time to time on my team. We could use an anchor off the women’s tee who can mash a ball like that.

I’ll bring the tequila. She loves tequila.

Look at that drive. Just think of how many times we’re passing the bottle when Paulina puts my team within 50 yards of the cup on Par 5s and on the green putting for eagle on Par 4s. We’re walking into the clubhouse — to win the box of Titleist golf balls — and turning in 47s all day long. We might eagle 10 of the 18 holes — at least.

DJ, dad and Paulina out and about in Idaho. / Instagram Story

It’s good to be Paulina right now.

All the D-list Instagram pretenders are getting old and washed up. Meanwhile, she’s 34 and hitting her stride as the pretenders kill off their Instagrams because they’re over-the-hill and they’ve lost a step like an NFL running back turning 28.

She golfs. She sucks down tequila. Her kids are grown and out of diapers. She has huge piles of f-you money. She has all the best superfoods to consume. She has antioxidants you can’t get at GNC. She has great properties to visit around the world. The Saudis love her husband.

Confirmed: Paulina Gretzky is still the Greatest One of our generation.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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