Paulina Gretzky Had A Third Wheel on First Date With Dustin Johnson — Her Dad

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Wayne Gretzky loves his daughter, Paulina Gretzky, and future son-in-law, Dustin Johnson … but he third-wheeled on their first date just to be sure.

Wayne Gretzky, hockey legend and NHL’s all-time leading scorer, wanted to make sure they were right for each other as he tagged along on their first date in 2012, reports.

Gretzky and Johnson got engaged in 2013 and have stayed that way for the last eight years.

Paulina Gretzky said she and Johnson, who recently won the Masters, aren’t in a big rush to get married.

“I don’t know if people know if me and Dustin are really married or not. We’re not. We’re so in love,” she said. “I feel like everyone is like, ‘What is it? Is he not wanting to or she not wanting to?’ It’s so stupid. Being just with kids and being happy. I don’t want anything from Dustin other than I love him.”

The couple has two kids together, and she said she wants to have another very soon. She says her two sons “are everything.”

“I want one more. I want to enjoy being 32, 33, and then hopefully, if I’m lucky enough, then I get to have one more at 34,” Paulina Gretzky said.

While Wayne Gretzky was there on their first date, it was his wife Jane who introduced the couple.

In a 2014 interview with Golf Digest, Paulina Gretzky said her mom had played golf with Johnson in 2011 and invited him back to their house later that evening.

“I’m sure he was rolling his eyes, and so was I when my mom invited me over to meet this golfer she had just met,” Paulina Gretzky said. “So I show up looking like a complete ragamuffin, and here’s this really cute guy. I didn’t stay long, but he was such a gentleman, so endearing.”

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