Paulina Gretzky Cranks Out New Bikini Content As LIV Tour Dollars Start Rolling In

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Perhaps sensing that she was obligated to mark the occasion with new bikini content, Paulina Gretzky fired up Instagram Story on the eve of the first LIV Tour golf event and dumped out what was a rare bikini ‘gram.

With her husband Dustin Johnson over in London playing on this new golf tour and pocketing a reported $125 million just to join, Paulina slipped into a Devin Windsor two-piece micromini skirt bikini combo sorta like the one worn this week by actress Sydney Sweeney that triggered the body-shaming wokes.

It sorta feels like we’re on the cusp of the wokes and the fake outraged blue checkmarks being overrun by those who want to have fun, make piles of cash and absolutely crush the losers who have a problem with all of it.

Paulina Gretzky LIV Bikini
Paulina Gretzky celebrates the start of the LIV Tour by firing up Instagram Story to post a rare bikini photo / Instagram

Now, we don’t know how Paulina feels about some Washington Post journalist being chopped up. I’m sure she isn’t a big fan of that visual, but you know what makes up for it? MONEY and new *fire* Instagram bikini shots.

“I chose what’s best for me and my family,” Dustin Johnson said this week when asked why he went to LIV.

You’re damn right he did what’s best for his family. You think it’s cheap to pay for Paulina’s private jet and mansion lifestyle? Hell no it’s not. Plus, the guy has two boys who will soon need cars and private jets of their own. DJ’s not making that huge pile of eff you money on the PGA Tour, so he smiles and shakes Greg Norman’s hand.

The next thing you know, Paulina’s reminding DJ why he went for the money via an Instagram Story bikini photo.

This lifestyle ain’t cheap. These losers acting like DJ should’ve kept slumming it on the PGA for $24 million (his 2020 earnings). Have these losers looked at the price of boat fuel or chlorine lately? Do they have any idea how much it costs to have a pool guy show up to the front door?

DJ’s not making payments on a Honda Cr-V.

Written by Joe Kinsey

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