Paul Pierce Seemingly Puts Himself In Same League As Jordan And Kobe

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There are a lot of names that float around when people talk about who is the best NBA player ever. Jordan, Kobe, LeBron, Kareem, etc. are names that tend to come up. However, while he was a great player in his own right, Paul Pierce is not in that conversation.

However, fans thought he put himself there after posting a photo of himself with Michael Jordan and the late Kobe Bryant.

Of course, it’s hard to tell in a tweet whether Pierce was serious, or if he was really placing himself with two of the greatest athletes to ever step on the hardwood.

But this is Twitter, so everyone assumed that Pierce meant the former.

In fairness to Pierce, he had a great career and shared at least one similarity with Jordan.

We all remember Jordan’s Flu Game, and we also remember — perhaps with even more reverence — Pierce’s Poo Game…

Legendary, for sure, but perhaps for a different reason.

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