Paul George Rips Robert Sarver Punishment

Los Angeles Clippers star Paul George has given his thoughts on how the league handled punishing Phoenix Suns owner Robert Sarver.

An independent investigation into Sarver’s conduct found that he had used racial slurs when repeating things others had said, and also inequitable treatment in the workplace.

Sarver was initially handed a one-year suspension but has since announced plans to sell the team.

George was asked about the situation during a press conference.

When asked for his thoughts, George said that the league didn’t handle the situation “as well as they could.”

“It should have been from the jump that it’s more than a year suspension,” George said. “We talk about the situation here, and we’ve been fortunate to change ownership.”

That last part was a reference to former Clippers owner Donald Serling, who was recorded using racial slurs and was dealt a lifetime ban by NBA commissioner Adam Silver in 2014.

George commended the way the Sterling situation was handled. However, he noted that what Sterling was recorded saying was harsher than what Sarver was reported to have done.

“I just think regardless of how little or how much he said, there’s just no room in our league; in our world, for that matter,” George said. He went on to talk about how players are affected by the things team owners say.

“I think it was just a slap on the wrist initially, the league should’ve came down for sure much harder,” he said.

“I think from the jump, it should’ve been a ‘no’ on that type of ownership.”

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