Paul George Blames Doc Rivers For His Own Struggles

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Clippers star Paul George stopped by the All The Smoke podcast with hosts Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson earlier today. They asked him about his struggles during the playoffs, and George blamed them on Doc Rivers. Yes, really.

“The way I was being used it was like Doc was playing me as a Ray Allen or a J.J. Reddick,” George said. “I need some flow, I need some pick-and-rolls, some post-ups. That last season was hard overall.”

It’s time for PG13 to admit he was god awful and that he’s the reason the Clippers choked.

Paul George has zero self-awareness. That’s all this boils down to. George had a solid regular season, then after he gave himself the nickname “Playoff P,” he stunk up the joint. No one thought of Paul George as a playoffs extraordinaire, they never did. As Kawhi Leonard’s sidekick, George was seen as a great two-way player with the skill set to help Kawhi win a title. By no means has PG13 ever risen to new heights in the playoffs, so he should just own up to the fact that he can’t seem to make a shot when it counts. Their 2020 postseason losses were his fault. Doc Rivers, Kawhi, the Clippers bench, and the assistant coaches couldn’t save him.

Pandemic P shot 39% from the field in the playoffs. That’s not from three. That includes dunks and layups. He was hitting threes at a 33% clip, which Doc Rivers still had to plan for. Rivers isn’t going to stop running plays to get George open shots when he can’t make them.

Don’t forget he’s paid

Paul George is paid to capitalize on the opportunities he’s given. He made $35.5 million in 2020, so why would Doc Rivers shy away from getting his second-best player open shots? George may not like the type of looks he’s getting, but he needs get over it. The Clippers didn’t mortgage their entire future to land him only to hear him complain that he doesn’t like his shots.

If Paul George is listening, I’ll offer him some advice: Make open shots and play the type of defense you played all year. If you were making open jumpers the same way you did in your nine-year career, the Clippers would have made it to the Conference Finals to face off with LeBron James and the Lakers.

The Clippers didn’t get what they wanted because Paul George didn’t play like the max player they pay him to be. PG should just admit he has been the problem and start preparing to be better in 2020-21.

Written by Gary Sheffield, Jr

Gary Sheffield Jr is the son of should-be MLB Hall of Famer, Gary Sheffield. He covers basketball and baseball for, chats with the Purple and Gold faithful on LakersNation, and shitposts on Twitter. You can follow him at GarySheffieldJr


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  1. Seems like the Clippers were a mess with two quarreling factions: Old Guard with Beverly, Harrell, Lou Williams and New Guard with Kawhi and PG. The old guard was not as talented but they contributed to more of a raucous atmosphere, better lockerroom. Which clashed with the new guard that were stars: Big Star Kawhi is a mute, who played when he felt like it, and talented but sensitive P.

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