Patriots Cancel Practice, Here We Go Again (Update)

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The New England Patriots have cancelled practice today after a positive COVID-19 test, Mike Reiss and Field Yates of ESPN report:

The Patriots are slated to play the Broncos on Sunday. Both teams have already had their bye. They were supposed to play this past week, but it got postponed. If this game can’t be played this week, the NFL is going to have to decide if it will add Week 18 to the regular season or if it will allow teams to play an unequal number of games and let winning percentage dictate playoff positions.

Previously, Patriots Cam Newton and Stephon Gilmore had tested positive for COVID, which caused the postponement of the Broncos game.

The Colts had originally reported four positive tests but then later announced that those were false positives. Their game against the Bengals will continue on Sunday as scheduled.

Yesterday, Adam Schefter reported that four Falcons players had tested positive, but the NFL denied it, saying that only one personnel employee had tested positive. All players tested negative.

We will keep you updated on any future developments as it relates to Patriots-Broncos.

Update: No change in the status of the game, for now:

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

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  1. Serious question: what’s the rationale for cancelling an entire practice and locking down the facility for one positive test? This seems overly stringent, I’d think it’d be just as safe to quarantine the positive person and let the rest of the team continue with business as usual.

  2. I agree, when will a decision maker show the courage to say, this doesn’t make sense? There is zero chance the pro athlete won’t recover and the ones that test positive you isolate. But because there are so many decision makers invested in the over reaction, we continue this game.

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