Patrick Reed Tells The Wild Story Of How He Met His Wife After One Date With Her Sister

PGA villain Patrick Reed is out with a long Q&A with Golf Digest where the world’s No. 7 player covers plenty of ground from the shenanigans that have caused him to be the player hated most by golf fans in the United States to how he met his wife. And since it’s Patrick Reed, the golfer who refused to allow his parents to attend his wedding, the story about how he met Justine Reed doesn’t disappoint.

“I was a freshman at the University of Georgia, and her younger sister, Kris, was at LSU. Kris came to visit, and we went on one date, and I texted her to confirm she’d made it back home safe. No response,” Patrick Reed told Golf Digest for this week’s feature story. “So I reached out to Justine on Facebook, who confirmed her sister was back and got frank with me about why it was probably not going to work out. So I start talking with Justine, who I discovered is this incredibly driven person who was pursuing dual degrees while working to become a nurse.

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“We kept talking as a couple of years went by; then we started dating. Best decision of my life.”

The story goes that Patrick and his family had a falling out when they questioned him for rushing into marriage at 22. Reed countered by cutting off communication with his parents and the rest of his family. The story also goes that at the 2014 U.S. Open, Justine allegedly had Reed’s family kicked out of the tournament as they were walking up the 18th hole.

Two years later, the family drama ended up on Facebook where Justine said her in-laws “are sick people and need help.”

Now it’s 2021, and Reed sure doesn’t seem ready to forget the past with his family. When asked by Golf Digest writer Max Adler if there’s anything Reed wants to provide to his kids that he didn’t receive as a child, Reed responded, “I’m doing most everything the opposite of what I had as a kid.”

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Written by Joe Kinsey

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  1. I take it Patrick Reed has kids. It boggles my mind that it doesn’t occur to someone like Reed and his wife that they’ve just given a green light for their kids to do the exact same thing to Reed and his wife when they get older.

  2. On the surface doesn’t look good but one can’t pick their family. Blood can do horrible things to other blood so I’ll reserve judgement pending details. If it’s just a marriage snub = butt hurt then ya, mega weak.

  3. I would caution those of you that have normal or semi normal families to withhold judgement. My wife’s family mostly normal, everyone gets a along, some problems, which all families have. My family is a disaster. I’ll leave it at that.

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