Patrick Mahomes Tells Chiefs Teammates: ‘I’ve Got To Be Better’

Watching Patrick Mahomes play football as a Kansas City Chiefs fan or fantasy football owner has been frustrating all season.

The player next in line to adopt the crown of league MVP over Tom Brady, Peyton Manning and the Aaron Rodgers of the League is beginning to see some regression. Though the sluggish play may be temporary, Mahomes understands that his team and fans await an explanation behind the generational player’s slump.

Starting the year third in the AFC West through seven weeks, with Mahomes leading the league in interceptions thrown (9), the young quarterback assured his team that he will play much more methodical rather than trying to pull off-script magic that he’s showcased in the past four seasons.

Mahomes spoke with his team following the 27-3 blowout dealt by the Titans, taking on responsibility for the flat performance.

“You can just watch the tape and know that I need to play better in order to have success,” Mahomes said. “There were plays where guys were open. There were plays where we had matchups down the field that I didn’t hit that I usually would give those guys opportunities to make plays.”

After three successful campaigns as the lead QB, Mahomes understands that the Chiefs still have his back in the midst of his struggles.

“I’ve said something to them that I’ve got to be better,” Mahomes admitted. “At the same time, they have that mindset that they’re going to try to build me up. It’s a thing where you’re not going to play your best game every single game, and that’s when you have to rely on your other guys to kind of step up and make plays for you.”

Mahomes faces the 2-5 New York Giants in Week 8, which should give the 26 year old the perfect opportunity to bounce back. In seven weeks, Mahomes has thrown 18 touchdowns, nine interceptions and 2,093 passing yards. He had a minor concussion scare against the Tennessee Titans but will be fully ready to go for the matchup against Joe Judge’s G-Men.

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Written by Alejandro Avila

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