5 Likeliest QBs to Emerge as Patrick Mahomes’ Rival

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Patrick Mahomes is so good that his 10-year, $503 million extension is a bargain for the Chiefs. He’s distanced himself so much from the pack, we are no longer even able to debate who the best is. But even the greatest of greats need rivals. Who will be Mahomes’?

Here are the five most likely options:

5. Carson Wentz

Wentz, somehow, inexplicably, is the most overlooked player in the NFL. Before tearing his ACL in 2017, he was the frontrunner for NFL MVP. Wentz was the best player in football at the time. Injuries are a concern, but when healthy, Wentz checks off all of the boxes.

Last season, he led the Eagles to the playoffs throwing to a bunch of guys as athletic as what you find at blogger conventions.

Wentz, on the football field, produces highlights that you think only Mahomes is capable of.

4. Trevor Lawrence

Lawrence hasn’t even played a down in the NFL. He has another full season of college football left. Though, when you are dealing in hypotheticals, like challenging Mahomes, a ridiculous idea, potential plays a key role.

Lawrence’s projects to have an Andrew Luck-type impact on an organization. Luck, who if it weren’t for injuries and an early retirement, would have been Mahomes’ primary individual obstacle.

Sean Salisbury, former NFL quarterback, told Outkick last month that if Patrick Mahomes is off the board, he’d strongly consider Lawrence as the next best option to build a franchise around. I was on that recording, I couldn’t argue it.

3. Deshaun Watson

I would have Watson No. 1 on here if he played for nearly any other team. He will be the next best thing after Mahomes for the next decade. Though, can he truly be a rival if he’s never in contention to compete? Because with Bill O’Brien running the team, trading away star receivers for a cup of coffee, the Texans won’t do much competing.

Too bad he couldn’t have been drafted by, say, the Bears…

2. Russell Wilson

At 31, seven years older than Mahomes, Wilson’s chances of being the rival take a hit. Yet, he is, right now, the second-best quarterback in the NFL. He does more with less than anyone else. Just last year, he had the Seahawks in position to win the NFC West over a team, in the 49ers, with superior talent across the board (everywhere but the quarterback position). Two seasons ago, he led his team in rushing.

Combining what Wilson has done in the past, he will end up ranking closest to Mahomes, out of the players on this list, on the all-time list. Mahomes is on pace to be one of the 10 greatest quarterbacks ever; Wilson could break the top 20.

1. Lamar Jackson

Jackson isn’t better than Watson. He likely will never be as good as Wilson is right now. But he’s in the best position to challenge Mahomes for years to come. Jackson’s situation is even better than Mahomes’. Last season’s MVP is surrounded by All-Pro talent and a championship-level franchise. If the Ravens didn’t get caught snoozing against the Titans, they would’ve been favored over the Chiefs in the AFC Championship Game.

The Chiefs and Ravens will duke it out in the AFC annually. According to Fox Bet odds, it’d be a shocking upset if one of the two doesn’t advance to the Super Bowl this upcoming year.

Moving forward, the only opportunity to even approach debating against Mahomes will come after another quarterback leads his team to a Super Bowl victory. Over the next decade, my money is on Jackson to do that more than once.

Additionally, Jackson’s legs give him a puncher’s chance in a battle with Mahomes. Because no one is beating Mahomes throw-for-throw. Even if they are spotted 24 points (Watson).

Written by Bobby Burack

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