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Johnny Manziel opens up about life after football

Johnny Manziel told Lubbock Avalanche-Journal columnist Don Williams that he’s ““finally got to a point where I’m trying to achieve happiness in life, not happiness on the football field.” As I’ve shown you guys and you’ve probably seen this summer, Manziel is pretty much spending his days golfing in Arizona and doing whatever you do as a 27-year-old football retiree with plenty of money to spend on living expenses. What a run it was for the guy, but his football career ended the minute the Cleveland Browns selected him.

It was failure from the start. It was like sending Manziel to go work on Mars. But now the guy can go golf in obscurity and his bio will forever read that he had one of the greatest two year runs in college football history. If money ever becomes an issue he can always go sign autographs at Texas strip malls. Now it’s time for a new stage in life.

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