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Welcome to March

I sat at the dinner table last night and told my wife I was thinking of posting a ‘Feeling Accomplished’ Facebook update like suburban moms used to do in the early days of the social media app after they finished off a grueling day of laundry. That’s the kind of weekend it was around here with way less laundry.

There’s something about that Sunday night glass of water to rehydrate after going hard for two straight days. The 8-year-old’s bunk bed that weighs approximately 800 pounds was moved and officially mounted to the wall now that he has friends big enough to topple it. Safety first.

Other accomplishments this weekend: grilled out for the first time this winter and didn’t freeze my balls off; put up temporary fencing so the dog can’t run along a fence with the dumb neighbor’s dog; and now she won’t be able to poop in a quarter of the yard which will allow the kids to play on their swing set without stepping on landmines during the spring wet season; sat on the front porch with my wife and watched our kids and the neighborhood kids swing foam swords at each other, shoot a toy bow and arrows; watched hundreds of neighbors out walking their dogs, strollers, biking, etc.

After telling my wife about the ‘Feeling Accomplished’ thing, I started telling her about how I want to start ripping up some of the landscaping pavers we put in years ago. It’s time for them to go and that means a trip to the rock store for some shopping. If you’ve never been shopping at a legitimate landscaping stone store, I highly recommend it. Don’t worry if you drive a car or minivan. Those rocks will go in there just fine. Trust me.

• Yes, it’s March and it’s officially time to get focused on college basketball. Selection Sunday is March 14. Do the math. You have two weeks to learn the big names you’ll be hearing over the next five weeks. Learn the Gonzaga and Michigan rosters. Yes, Ohio State should drop way off the No. 1 line. I’m not a homer. Sunday’s loss to Iowa capped off a rough week for the Buckeyes.

• Looking to become a multi-millionaire in 35 years? Fox Business News has some advice on how to make that happen. Personally, I’m getting to the point where I just want enough money in retirement to pay for golf, Busch Lights and a couple dinners out each week.

• I had to laugh at the doctor they keep trotting out on TV, the guy who wears the glasses, looks like he’s appeared in Harry Potter movies and is always coming to us live from his library. This guy’s now saying the U.S. won’t be out of COVID until 80% have had the vaccine or something like that. Wasn’t Fauci just saying like a month ago that 70% would do it? I want one of these guys to blow my mind and say we won’t be normal again until 110% of the population is vaccinated. Just give it to me!

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