Patrick Mahomes’ Hateable Brother Says He’s Making A Comeback & You Should Be Rooting Him On

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Are you ready for more of Jackson Mahomes, the incredibly hateable TikTok dancing brother of Patrick Mahomes? The insufferable coattail riding brother whose only discernable talent is the ability to make people hate him on social media, says he’s making a comeback for the 2022 Chiefs season after a massively disastrous 2021 that saw Patrick publicly acknowledge that his brother was a pain in the ass.

Who’s ready for my game day TikToks again? Tag who I should collab with!” Jackson wrote on TikTok in April.

And just like that, Chiefs fans have to be left wondering how much more of this dork they can take.


Who’s ready for my game day TikToks again? Tag who I should collab with!

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The responses to Jackson’s TikTok message should serve as a reminder that the NFL forever stands for Not For Long, which is also how long a coattail-riding little brother’s social media career is going to last after the cuteness has worn off.

“Literally not one person,” a woman responded to Jackson’s question.

Kansas City Bar Smashes Twerp Jackson Mahomes To Pieces

“BY FAR THE WORST PART OF GAMES. Everyone can agree,” wrote another TikTok user.

The act of hanging out in the Mahomes’ suite and standing on the furniture seems to have run the course. It’s feeling like the 15 minutes are running out.

“No one, ever again. Respect the people’s wishes,” a TikTok user advised Jackson.

Now, if you hate the Chiefs and you need them to lose, you should be rooting for Jackson to make a full comeback and be more annoying than ever. You should be rooting for him to be a psychological nightmare for Patrick.

Join me on the Jackson Mahomes bandwagon to see the Chiefs’ dynasty crumble. The first step was for Joe Burrow to go into KC. The next step will be via a Jackson content surge.

Get it, Jackson! DOOOOOO IT!


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