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Systemic Evolution (Patrick Mahomes) > Systemic Racism (Colin Kaepernick)

Inside the Matrix created by Silicon Valley-controlled social-media apps, systemic racism rules the National Football League, same as it does the United States of America.

In the real world created by our Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution, systemic evolution rules the NFL and the USA.

Football is my favorite sport. The game explains America. Difficult. Masculine. Violent. Cruel. Inclusive. Rewarding. Risky. Fair. Evolving.

Carl Peterson, the former longtime general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, was fond of saying that the only constant in football was change. Football requires and rewards evolution. So does America.

Forty-two years ago, the NFL ignored Washington quarterback Warren Moon on draft day, banishing him to start what would become a Hall of Fame career in Canada. 

At its inception, football operated on a core belief that black men lacked the intellectual heft and leadership qualities necessary to play quarterback. At its inception, our country defined black people as three-fifths of a human being.

The systemic evolution that is endemic to our culture explains Barack Obama’s rise to the presidency and the $503 million contract Patrick Mahomes signed Monday to play quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs.

America changed. Our system requires, rewards, supports and makes change possible. This truth is self-evident except on social media. And the American media’s unhealthy reliance on social media explains why a large segment of the public has been brainwashed into believing Colin Kaepernick’s narrative defines the NFL more than Patrick Mahomes’ narrative.

Social media wants you to believe America and all of its institutions are irrevocably ruled by systemic racism. It’s not true. 

The NFL, the most powerful force in American popular culture, the top TV show on five different networks, is proof of America’s bend toward equality and proof of the level of willful ignorance and intentional deceit used to smear America.

Mahomes, like Kaepernick, is mixed race. He’s now the richest player in NFL history. He surpassed Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson, who is black. The next quarterbacks most likely to benefit from the contract Mahomes just signed are Lamar Jackson, Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott. They’re all black. 

But the NFL is systemically racist?

Stop it. Rather than vilifying the game of football because Kaepernick flamed out and wrapped himself in racial martyrdom to excuse his failure, we should be celebrating football for its evolution. 

Why do we (black people) think our failures define America more than our triumphs? 

There’s never been a better time to be black in America than right now. Social media has made us believe it’s 1852 all over again, that there’s been no change. We think George Floyd’s interaction with Derek Chauvin exemplifies America more than Barack Obama’s interaction with Joe Biden, than Mahomes’ interaction with tight end Travis Kelce. 

America’s not perfect. No place is. But outlook determines outcomes because outlook determines strategies and priorities.

If your worldview is that you’re the wrong color to achieve success, you will not achieve success because you will choose a strategy devoid of hope and set the wrong priorities.

We’re obsessed with skin color. Color is the wrong priority. Choosing a set of proper values that steer your worldview is the key to success. In my columns, I repeatedly keep mentioning what defines my worldview — Christianity, my religious faith.  In the column I wrote about NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace, I argued that racism (an obsession with race) is America’s new religion

We’re wrongly establishing our values based on skin color.  These skin-color values are assigned by the politicians and corporations that control celebrity influencers. These values are not unifying. They’re divisive, destructive, grounded in immorality and marketed through social media as a pursuit of justice.  They’re a pursuit of financial and political power. That’s it.

The term “systemic racism” is derived from former Black Panther Stokely Carmichael’s 1967 book Black Power: The Politics of Liberation. In the book, Carmichael coined the phrase “institutional racism.” 

The phrase is a polite dog whistle used by dignified activists in the media to justify violent protests/revolution. Their not-so-subtle insinuation is that you cannot salvage a system that is racist at its core. The New York Times, America’s alleged newspaper of record, published The 1619 Project, which argues that slavery defines the American system. 

The road to justice is not paved with distortions and blatant lies. Political power is. Evolution is this nation’s defining characteristic. Patrick Mahomes took advantage of it. Colin Kaepernick is exploiting it.

Written by Jason Whitlock

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, podcaster and the newest member of the Outkick family.
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  1. Rush Limbaugh just talked about Whitlocks appearance on Carlson and his encounter years ago with him when he was looking to be part of an ownership group and Whitlock was with the KC Star. Carlson, Limbaugh the two biggest names in media talking about outkick now. Good times ahead folks!

  2. Great news all around !!!! Very, very happy for OUTKICK !!!
    “If we open a quarrel between past and present, we shall find that we have lost the future.”
    — Winston Churchill

    Best Wishes,

  3. Always been a fan of Mr. Jason Whitlock, and I am so happy that he’s an owner in Outkick. I could be wrong, but I feel like becoming an owner and invested in his product has given him the freedom to come out blazing. Day after day, during a time with no sports, he is absolutely crushing it with these columns. I’m hopeful that he and Clay are the leaders we need to bring a revolutionary change in how sports are covered, particularly when they intersect with culture and politics. Keep up the great work, I’m glad I can help support you guys in the drive for change.

    • +1 Well said. So glad you your doing this Jason. Your show at the other place was my favorite so I’m glad to see you hit the ground at a full sprint at Outkick. Truth coupled with courage and intellectually honesty is in short supply these days. Way to set the example fellas. Proud to support your work.

  4. Thank you so much for this site!

    When I played football as a kid, I loved the comrade re with my teammates and we didn’t care about race. We wanted to kick the other teams ass.

    As a fan, it’s fun to be totally irrational and root for my team. It’s an escape from reality.

    When people like Kaepernick inject politics into sports it just ruins it. It goes even further when the league gets into it and supports one side or the other. I’m not saying you can’t kneel for the national anthem but can’t we all just be Americans for that one moment? That’s the whole point.

    • To me, the idea of even being able to kneel itself without being fined or thrown in prison is why you shouldn’t. Same with burning our flag. The fact you CAN, defeats the purpose of doing it – which is to tru to say the US is a horrible and unjust place that doesn’t respect human rights.

      The Woke Brigade though will tell you that burning the American flag is a civil liberty- but burning a koran? Burning the BLM flag? Burning the rainbow flag of the gay community? THOSE would be hate crimes! Hypocrites.

  5. Just want to say I am super impressed with the quality I’m seeing in the Outkick VIP comments.

    The past two days we have seen hundreds of new VIPs sign up. Really impressive to see.

    And Whitlock has been absolutely killing it.

    Keep it up everyone.

    • Just joined! Thank you Clay, Jason, and everyone at Outkick. We need your sane, rational voices more than ever right now. Great to see you on Tucker last night as well. Keep up the good work!

    • I’m sure though you would rather get to the point where you get so many comments that it becomes impossible to sift through them all in a reasonable time frame 😉 But, at the same time locking it behind VIP ensures that trolls will stay far, far away. Especially considering ESPN, like 9/10 other left-leaning outlets, don’t even allow comments on THEIR articles because they are usually written by hacks with no ability or interesting things to say. They’d just get hammered all day every day for the SJW crap!

    • I feel like I’ve gotten my $99 worth just from the past two days. I can’t stay away for more than 15 minutes without another article / forum post to read / interact on. I’ve never followed Whitlock before now (seems like other sites hid him and promoted their more liberal writers / speakers). But I appreciate his takes. I enjoy hearing both ends of the spectrum.

    • Quality content begets quality comments. Really enjoy Mr. Whitlock’s commentary. Thought-provoking and says clearly what I believe a lot of people think as well.

      Keep up the great work. OTK has a new VIP member because OKC gets it.

  6. Great article Whitlock. You have a great talent for putting concepts into words that I would love be able to formulate myself, but it’s hard! You articulate it so well and it needs to be read by everyone!

    Outkick is looking well positioned, glad I joined VIP!

  7. Good Job JW on checking out where that term ‘systemic racism’ came from…
    I’ve never been able to define it in my head, and noone you are debating with wants to hear about a black president, or the NFL making millionaires out of many underprivileged (growing up) athletes.
    You cant ask an activist to define ‘systemic racism’ because they will resort to anecdotes, however you can say that its a myth as evidence by the long long long list of black success in the last several decades that goes beyond just athletics

    • It’s right there with the obsession with ‘equality’ and ‘social justice’ from the Woke Brigade. Those terms are from the Soviet Union. Look up Yuri Bezmenov on YT – he talks about those things, as a former KGB propaganda agent, back in the 80s warning the US about Soviet infiltration of our government and education system. Hearing those words being used long before they were used here in any major way is chilling.

  8. Congratulations! I’ll be perfectly honest. I hate social media (I have no Twitter or Facebook and never have.) and just the media in general. When I started listening to the show I thought of Clay as a typical sports talk guy with his opinions and quite full of himself. I never stopped listening and when the virus came, I shared the same “optimistic” view. Long story short, with everything going on and not going in sports I love the show! Love Jason Whitlock! Voices of reason in these crazy days. I became a member because outkick has conversation that people shy away. Keep up the great work guys!

  9. “America’s not perfect. No place is. But outlook determines outcomes because outlook determines strategies and priorities.” ~ Jason Whitlock

    You outdid yourself this time Mr. Whitlock

  10. Jason, love your work. But a couple of things. I’m sick and tired of people kicking around the 3/5 compromise as an emblem of the belief that the Founders did not consider blacks to be whole people. The 3/5 quoted was for the purpose of apportionment of representation in the House of Representatives. By the logic you use Native Americans weren’t considered people at all because in the same section of the Constitution it states that Indians aren’t counted at all. Second, the debate over apportionment was between the Southern states and the Northern states. The side that wanted slaves to count as whole people was the South. The North wanted them to count as zero. It had nothing to do with whether or not they considered blacks the equals of whites, neither side did. It had everything to do with power in the new Congress. The South wanted slaves counted because it meant they would get more representation in Congress relative to the North. They had no intention of actually granting slaves any rights. In the end it was actually a good thing that slaves didn’t count as whole people since it gave the abolitionist North more leverage in Congress. You’re absolutely right that the Country was more racist at its founding. Nothing to be proud of, but people and their attitudes are shaped by the times they live in. The country evolves as you say. But please don’t misrepresent a historical fact to make your point.

    Regarding Kaepernick, I am of the firm belief that if he had ended up with any franchise other than San Francisco he would have been a good player and we would not be having these conversations about him. Kaepernick was a good kid during his time at Nevada. Check out the background of the girlfriend that he picked up in SF. Through her he ended up getting mixed up with a woman named Linda Sarsour. Check out Linda Sarsour and this will all become clear.

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