Patrick Mahomes Agrees to Blockbuster Deal With Chiefs Through 2031

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Patrick Mahomes has agreed to a deal with the Chiefs through 2031 — yes, you heard that right, 2031!! — according to Adam Schefter:

It was a matter of when and not if Mahomes was going to ink a blockbuster extension, but the duration of this deal is remarkable. We will see how much money is on the deal and more importantly how much is guaranteed for injury and how much is fully guaranteed.

Going to guess the 10-year gross total is somewhere between $350 million and $400 million, and you can say right now that the defending Super Bowl champion quarterback deserves that kind of deal.

UPDATE: Schefter has more details:

The specifics here about how much is tied to the cap plus the amount of guarantees will really be something to behold.

Written by Ryan Glasspiegel

Ryan Glasspiegel grew up in Connecticut, graduated from University of Wisconsin-Madison, and lives in Chicago. Before OutKick, he wrote for Sports Illustrated and The Big Lead. He enjoys expensive bourbon and cheap beer.


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  1. Good for both parties. Mahomes’ likely value when he enters FA is likely to be higher than the per year average here for the long-term deal. Nevertheless, a 10-year contract shown to a proven superstar QB is also indicative of Chiefs’ commitment when they could have play out Mahomes’ rookie contract.

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