Pat McAfee Begins ESPN Era Appropriately With Sarcastic Disclaimer That Includes Typo

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The Pat McAfee Show officially launched on ESPN on Thursday afternoon. The network signed McAfee back in May and decided to begin his show on the first day of the NFL season.

One of the biggest questions surrounding the move is how would McAfee adapt to ESPN and vice versa. McAfee is known for eschewing the rules of the politically-correct culture. ESPN follows those rules very carefully.

A few weeks ago, the X (formerly known as Twitter) mob attacked McAfee for going outside the orthodoxy. He slightly backtracked and apologized, although not completely. That’s probably a sign of how the relationship is going to work with ESPN.

McAfee is going to push the envelope, as he always has, but probably not to the same degree.

Samantha McAfee and Pat McAfee attend the 2023 ESPYs Awards presented by ESPN at the Dolby Theatre on July 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California.
Samantha McAfee and Pat McAfee attend the 2023 ESPYs Awards presented by ESPN at the Dolby Theatre on July 12, 2023 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by David Livingston/FilmMagic)

With that in mind, the media star decided to have fun with the idea by opening his new show with a disclaimer read by a voice over in a comical and sarcastic tone.

“The following [program] is a collection of stooges talking about happenings in the sports world. It is meant to be comedic informative,” the disclaimer began.

“The opinions expressed on this show do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of their peers, their boss or ESPN. There may be some ‘cuss words’ because that’s how humans in the real world talk. If you are a young, please seek permission before before watching any further. Cheers, The Pat McAfee Show.”

The disclaimer ends with a P.S. that reads “dont’ sue us” which is a reference to McAfee’s prior legal battle with former NFL quarterback Brett Favre.

Pat McAfee begins ESPN Era with sarcastic disclaimer

It appears that the phrase “if you are a young” is a typo. If it is not, then it’s a phrase with which I am unfamiliar. If it is a typo, that speaks to McAfee’s brand in a way. He does things haphazardly and often references the idea that his show is “dumb” or that he is dumb.

If it’s an intentional typo, even better.

Either way, it’s going to be fascinating to watch this whole thing play out. ESPN already said they would air his show on a tape delay so they could edit out the “cuss words.” Although, the show is available unedited on YouTube still.

But outside of the cursing, McAfee says he’s going to keep doing the same show. If that means pissing off the left-wing media, so be it.

The question, though, is if ESPN is going to look the other way for McAfee or try to get him in line.

The answer to that question is going to say a lot about the future of the network.

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