Party Girl Sanna Marin, The Ex-Finnish Prime Minister Who Made Out With Instagram Models & Got A Divorce, Is Living It Up Again

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The crazy Finnish politician, Sanna Marin, who had one helluva Summer of 2022 when she was making out with Instagram A-listers and partying her ass off, it’s officially a free woman and seems to be back to loving life after getting a divorce from her boring husband.

Back in April, the 37-year-old Marin, who was a member of Finland’s woke Social Democratic Party, was voted out of office when citizens backed a center-right candidate. That was the end of Marin’s run as one of the most interesting politicians Europe has pumped out in like centuries.

Honestly, I have very little to no knowledge of European politics going back centuries, but I know there have been very few European prime ministers who partied and made out with women like Sanna. Take your political alliances out of the equation, Marin was a content star. She was one of a kind.

Around the same time as she was leaving office, Sanna announced she was getting a divorce and mentioned something about how her now ex-husband was still a friend and how they were leaving each other on good terms.

Translation: This woman wants to PARTY her ass off & the husband is a tool.

Based on the early returns since the divorce — a three-day concert bender in Helsinki — business appears to be ready to boom for Marin. In one photo from her recent fun, Sanna is wearing Pretty Woman hooker boots and a pink dress that screams I’m f–kin’ wild, let’s party.

In another photo, Sanna is wearing a leather mini-skirt, a short top and shoes that would impress a top-notch European stripper.

Yes, this is a slow rebound to partying her ass off like 2022, but that was a historic bender. According to those who were tracking Marin, she was pretty much making out with anything that moved.

One has to assume her husband was at home with their child when this fun was going down. That poor guy had a nightmare 2022:

Ah, but before you start feeling too sorry for the husband, look what he was up to just weeks after their divorce was announced. It sure appears that Markus wasted little time dipping his toes into the waters.

The Daily Mail reported Markus “danced intimately” with some Indian woman.

“Finnish media reported that he drunkenly tried to kiss her as they stood together at the bar of the Post nightclub in Helsinki in the early hours of the morning, but she is said to have rebuffed his advances,” the Mail noted.

Poor Markus. Ouch.

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