Parents Gone Wild: Travel Basketball Parents Fight In San Antonio, Cincinnati

It was yet another big travel basketball weekend across the U.S. where tensions were high as parents started to think about their boys catching the eyes of college scouts who would then make it rain college scholarships which would then turn into a trip to the NBA Lottery and a huge pile of eff-you money.

In other words, dreams were on the line in San Antonio and Cincinnati. As you’re expecting, fisticuffs broke out in both cities as parents hit their boiling points. Remember, there are 4,381 total D1 scholarships out there. You can do the math on what that comes out to for scholarships available on a yearly basis to incoming freshmen.

You’re damn right parents are going to throw down. This is war!

Let’s start in San Antonio at the 10th Annual Spurs & All American Sports Nationals where kids were playing at the AT&T Center, the home of the Spurs. This was your typical war of words followed by some hair grabbing and turf protection before the police rolled in to calm the emotions.

Our other fight took place at the 8th Annual Ohio Players National Championship where parents and fans spilled onto the court during what is believed to be a game between Ball 46201 and Cincy Bearcats Elite. Cincinnati TV anchor Tricia Macke was coaching in the building as this one broke out.

Note how Macke says parents were going after players. Hey, if you have to catch a felony to get your kid into the NBA Lottery, so be it. $35 million minus court costs, lawyer fees and a couple of years in prison might be worth it in the end.

And there it is, yet another weekend of travel ball across the United States. Great job, parents.

Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.


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  3. This is par for the course in Travel basketball now it started getting really bad in the mid 2000s when I was playing now it doesn’t even seem fun for half the kids because the parents are so over zealously involved in making their kid the star they never were.

  4. Also why the fuck are you writing about this in a jovial tone whatsoever??? This shit should be completely discouraged it’s one of the biggest driving factors in turning kids away from youth sports call parents fucking morons when they deserve it….not pretend they are “fighting for their kid” and his scholarship opportunities if I were a coach and saw the parents behave like this no way in hell I’m offering that kid idc how good he is why would I want to deal with the dumpster fire sure to tag along with his talents?

    • I hear you but it just became a new rapper’s lyrics that fight. Also, I agree with you on when things turned bad. I am a bit older than you but played AAU basketball until I was 17 (late 80’s through mid 90’s) and back then it was all about the basketball. Not anymore.

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