Panthers McCaffrey Says He’d Be On Injury Report For Taking A Leak At Practice

Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey is convinced that anything he does will land him a spot on an NFL injury report.


McCaffrey was talking to the media and was asked about some ankle stiffness that limited him during practice. He said he felt great, but threw a quick jab at overly thorough injury reports.

“I think at this point, if I went to take a leak during practice I’d end up on the report,” he joked. “I feel great; I’ll be ready to roll.”

According to the team, McCaffrey’s limitations in practice were cautionary, and he is still expected to play on Sunday against the Saints.

McCaffey is exaggerating — sort of — but injury reports can be a bit invasive. I’m surprised more sports don’t go as vague as the NHL often does or just keep the injuries undisclosed altogether.

At that time of year, injury reports sometimes only say upper-body injury or lower-body injury. That’s it.

Because if someone knows a player has an injury to an ankle or a wrist, guess what the opposition will try to target?

Yeah. Teams and players will do anything for a competitive edge.

They’ll be making “accidentally on purpose” contact with the injured body part all game.

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