Panthers Hire A $125,000 Virus-Killing Robot

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What does the future of virus-killing robots in the NFL look like? For the Carolina Panthers, it looks like a Kegerator pushcart with an Apple Bluetooth speaker sticking its head up. The $125,000 LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robot was hired to get the NFL team rolling again and keep them rolling while COVID does its thing.

Xenex says the “robot emits bursts of intense, broad spectrum UV light that damages virus DNA in four ways and renders it useless.” The Panthers are using the robot in the locker rooms, showers and other areas around Bank of America Stadium.

“Our goal is to make this the safest facility and stadium that it can possibly be and that’s why we chose XENEX,” the Panthers director of security and infectious control said about the purchase of the virus killer. “It was clear in our evaluations that XENEX provided the best UV disinfecting solution for us and allowed us to quickly and effectively sanitize our football areas and other areas throughout the stadium. We have worked since March to develop a comprehensive health and safety plan so that everyone would feel safe and comfortable returning to Bank of America Stadium and XENEX is an important part of those efforts.”

I know what you’re thinking: Can it kill COVID?

Xenex says the robot can kill the virus that causes COVID on surfaces in two minutes. TWO MINUTES! The Tennessee Titans should buy two of these things and not let players leave the team facility.

Xenex virus killing robot

Written by Joe Kinsey

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