Panthers Cheerleaders Are Ready For Week 2, FSU Fan Wears Paper Bag & The Tebows at Bama-UF

I’m starting to think we’re about to see new blood in the CFB Final Four for Bama to demolish

I didn’t even bother going to my neighbor’s house for patio margaritas (it was 80 & clear skies) until halftime of the Tulsa-Ohio State game because I knew Dirk wouldn’t be in the best of moods after watching another brutal effort out of the Buckeyes. Yes, the scoreboard looked fine by the end, but this is still a team that’s facing 2-3 losses if the defense can’t get it figured out. Tulsa definitely shouldn’t be able to move the ball up and down the field against the Buckeyes.

When’s the last time a team outside the power 5 put up 501 total yards of offense on the Buckeyes? I don’t have an exact date in front of me, but it’s definitely been several years.

Then you have Clemson’s offense that managed to put up two Will Shipley touchdowns and that was it against Georgia Tech. DJ Uiagalelei had 126 yards through the air and that was it in a 14-8 win.

Throw in a less than impressive win by Oklahoma against Nebraska and we could be looking at a wide-open October and November. You have teams like Penn State sitting at No. 10 with road games against Iowa and Ohio State still to come along with Michigan and Michigan State on the schedule. The Big Ten suddenly looks like it’s going to be a wild battle to the end and Ohio State sure doesn’t look as formidable for teams like Penn State and Michigan and its dreams of somehow getting to the Big Ten title game and possibly to the CFB Final Four.

Now someone just needs to figure out how to beat Bama and we just might have parity in college football.

• I have to say, I was incredibly comfortable sitting on the patio with my wife yesterday. I sat there watching college football and she sat there just enjoying the weather and looking at the plants. Yes, I still enjoy the energy from a fun day at the bars with friends watching eight hours of college football (and I’m due for one of those Saturdays), but man, Saturday on the patio was the perfect spot. The feet kicked up, just the right amount of shade, 80 degrees, kids out front shooting hoops. It was one of those proud dad moments in life where you know you’ve made it. I don’t need to hit the lottery if I can line up enough Saturdays like the one I just had.

• Patrick C. here in Perrysburg, OH writes:

Had the pleasure to be a part of the Military Appreciation Night at St. John Jesuit High School last night and what an honor to see not only St. John’s, but Central Catholic as well, play a role in such a special evening.

As the PA announcer for the game, it was a great source of pride to announce the many military members who were at the game, but especially to recognize Max Soviak, the fallen Marine from Berlin, Ohio who tragically lost his life in last month’s bombing at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

You wonder sometimes if the kids of today actually get it. Last night I believe those players, fans, and spectators were reminded of the great sacrifice our military faces to protect our freedom and this nation.  Rest in peace, Corpsman Max Soviak.

• Beau in Toledo writes in with a BOLO alert:

I woke up, opened a beer and the laptop, and saw the headline: “There’s a beautiful spotted insect flying across the U.S.– and officials want you to kill it”.

My first thought: OhGoodHell, what’s going to attack my yard THIS time?!? When I saw it, I went straight to SILENCE OF THE LAMBS (the Death’s Head Hawk Moth part, Ladies… I have enough clothes), and now i want one to display it.

Turns out, the latest Menace to #TNML came from (shocker) china, so I looked up a few links and wanted to share with You and The League. Right now, the infestation is most affecting our League Members in eastern States, but Pennsylvania is close enough for this Ohioan to be on the lookout because it’s egg-laying time for them.

• What an opening day weather report out of Cleveland where it’s going to be 80-degrees with clear blue skies. I’m expecting big tailgating things out of Browns fans today against the Texans. The only content problem these days out of Browns fans is that they don’t necessarily want to get blackout drunk and sleep through the second half because they’re actually good and the season matters.

I’ll never forget the beauty of Browns seasons that ended by early October when Browns fans went off the deep end. It appears from now on I’ll have to wait until mid-January for the meltdowns to come.

• Daniel N. in Texas writes:

My wife and I bought a new construction house in the Houston area and closed on Feb 1 of this year. This is our “forever” house, and I always dreamed about having the best lawn in the neighborhood. The builder had laid down new low-quality sod about 2 weeks earlier and hardly watered it at all. It was barely alive. Two weeks later as I was desperately trying to save my new lawn, the Great Texas freeze hit. Temps stayed below freezing for 3 straights days and hit a low of 16 degrees at our house. Those temps may seem like no big deal to those of you who live up north, but in a place where a single snowflake can shut down all of Houston for a day, true freezing weather just doesn’t happen.  I could tell you the story about how we survived 3 days without power and kept our 6-month-old newborn son alive during that time, but this post is about #TNML.
I assumed our lawn was dead. I’m talking our 15k square foot lot was totally brown, frozen, and looked like dead mush. Not a single green blade of grass was left. But I refused to give up. I did research. I was patient. I worked with mother nature. I found a local expert. I fertilized and added trace minerals. And I brought this baby back to life! I’m still not satisfied and working to take the lawn to the next level, but this is one of my greatest accomplishments. As an extra bonus, it should be about 8 years and my son can start mowing with me. I can’t wait to teach him the joy of taking pride in your yard.
I owe a shout-out to Randy Lemon, the Houston lawn guru, who is an expert at anything relating to your yard. His tips and fertilizer schedule are magic for anyone who lives in the southern US, and free for anyone to read.
Cheers to my TNML teammates! Let’s have a great fall to wrap up the season!

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