Panic At The Panic! At The Disco Concert As Fire Breaks Out On Stage

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Panic! At The Disco, a band your younger sister probably likes, got a little haphazard with the pyro during a recent show.

The group was in Minnesota when one of the boxes that’s intended to shoot fire technically did its job, but just not the way it’s supposed to.

The blaze was contained quickly and never got much bigger than the kind of ground display firework your uncle lights with the tip of his cigarette at picnics.

It was nothing compared to a Miami Dolphins tailgate.

Still, that had to have given fans a quick jolt of panic. No, not at the disco, but inside that seemingly crowded theater. You always here that you’re not supposed to yell “fire” in a crowded theater, but this was almost a weird gray area.

Technically, yelling it is yelling it, but you’re doing so because there really is a fire.

Fortunately, no one (except for me, apparently) had to waste anytime thinking this through because that roadie was on the scene in a jiffy hitting the blaze with the fire extinguisher.

Sprayed it right at the base of the fire. Textbook.

Panic! At The Disco better have given that guy first dibs on which tour bus bunk he wanted.

Concert pyro, while undeniably very badass, isn’t something to mess with. Just asked Metallica’s James Hetfield who accidentally stepped on one while playing the intro to “Fade To Black” back in 1992.

(Quick aside: the name “Panic! At The Disco” has the most frustrating use of punctuation I’ve ever encountered in my life. Seriously. Put that exclamation point at the end or just get rid of it. It’s ridiculous.)

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