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OK, I’m excused for the late Screencaps this morning

I know, I know. My big promise to you guys going back to early April was that Screencaps would be done in the 8 ET hour and it would be just as great as normal. And then there are days like today when there’s *BREAKING* pop culture news in the form of Paulina Gretzky dumping out all sorts of wedding content.

Throw in an 8 a.m. Friday morning radio appearance across the great state of Michigan and you have an action-packed Friday, which I definitely don’t want to make a habit of as the weather gets better.

So please excuse the late Screencaps. It will only happen when my ass is humpin’ it to make TNML bigger and better!

Let’s just have a free-for-all Friday!

• Dale A. writes:

Every beer fridge….needs a beer garbage can

• Stros fan Chris B. in Houston is ready for the Yankees to be outed:

Mysterious Yankees Letter from Major League Baseball to be released soon

The New York Yankees have fought to keep a letter sealed that discusses alleged cheating…


Are people still banging on trash cans to troll the Stros? I’ve lost track, but that was a fun troll job. Sure, it wasn’t fun for Chris B. and his fellow fans, but for an outsider like myself who doesn’t have a dog in this fight, it was fun.

• Rob DeG. writes:

Joe, great work on OutKick, thanks, I read you daily.   I’m a retired LEO from WA State now living in the great State of Texas, north of Dallas.

Attached is a pic of my garage beer fridge, replete with beer, brewery, BBQ joints, law enforcement, military and distillery stickers.  I usually get at least one sticker from every brewery and/or distillery we visit.  There are also stickers on both sides, I’ve had this fridge for over 15 years, bought it at a garage sale for $25 bucks, still going strong and cold! 

Keep up the great work, thanks.


I was convinced Rob would ask for a TNML sticker, but this appears to be a brewery-only fridge. No mowing league stickers allowed!

• Speaking of stickers, Chris S. writes:

Just a note to let you know I received it. Building a new home now, so It will proudly go into service when I buy a larger tractor in the fall.

Thanks again, for the sticker, and your efforts at reminding us how great this country, and (most) of its people really are.

Did you get a simulator yet? A friend of mine just got the full swing. It’s a bit pricier, but may be even better than the SkyTrak, especially if you have some lefties in the group, or want to use it outside.


I HAVE NOT purchased a golf simulator – yet. However, I did see during my last Costco trip that they’re selling turf that I need to buy for that project. This looks just like the thickness of grass I play out of on a normal basis so I think it’ll work just fine.

You can see my 5-year-old testing the blades. I think this stuff is $100. Is there a better deal on this stuff out there?


• Kevin W. in Lacey, Washington writes:

Been a reader of Screencaps for a while now and really enjoy it.  Most of us who played sports and like watching sports also try to stay in some kind of shape.  Your life sounds so incredibly busy I was wondering if you find the time to work out at all?  I’m retired from 39 years of flying airplanes for a living and at 65 I find it hard to stay motivated but figure you’ve got to keep moving and can’t just sit around and turn into a blob.        

Keep up the good work.

P.S.  I know this is heresy on Screencaps but I’ve mowed grass since I was 10 years old and that’s enough.  I do like reading about everyone else’s mowing adventures though.


Great question. The short answer is that 99% of Internet writers could stand to work out much more. Last night, I walked 2.4 miles around the park while my son was at soccer practice, then I rushed home to fire up the mower and got a sweat in before settling in for a garage beer with the dog playing a little fetch in the front yard.

I have to say that it’s very easy to put on pounds with this job. Late nights. Early mornings. A pizza here, beers there. Long hours. Lots of sitting. The eyes go. Bad posture. The blood pressure goes up.

Let’s face it, Kevin, Internet writers aren’t a picture of health. That said, I can walk from one bad golf shot to the next with NOOOOOOO problems.

And with that, let’s get this Friday rolling. I’m still on the Monday-Saturday morning schedule as golf season hasn’t officially kicked off, even though it’s going to be 85 here tomorrow. That means you guys get content while hungover in bed for a few more weeks.

I want to say thank you to all the loyal readers who continue to grow Screencaps. I would have to run the numbers going back to 2020, but I have a hunch this week will go down as the biggest traffic week in Screencaps history. It was an absolute beast and that is due to those who spread the fun to their friends.

I see the Aimtell traffic when this post goes live. I see you guys tagging your friends on social media. The numbers do not lie one bit. And we’re going to keep cranking. I’ve never been so damn invigorated to get up on a daily basis and hammer out this column.

Have a great weekend and hammer the inbox with what’s going on in your part of the world. Let’s hear from our members of the military around the world. I love those emails. Tell me about life right now.


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