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So I’m going to meet some of my OutKick coworkers this weekend for the first time

Something very odd is going to take place at a Cleveland sports bar this Sunday — I’m actually going to come face-to-face with fellow OutKick coworkers, including Copy Editor Dr. Cortney and the Cleveland contingent. It will be the first time I’ve ever met face-to-face with any other OutKick employees besides Clay like five years ago in the campground outside Bristol Motor Speedway where I was throwing a Natty Light-sponsored tailgate party before the Virginia Tech-Tennessee game.

What’s my mindset rolling into this summit?

Look, I understand the summit participants expect me to show up on a mower and a Busch heavy loaded into a koozie ready to talk planting season instead of who’s going to win the national title. They’re clearly expecting the Screencaps Kinsey to be front and center.

My plan is to go in low-key, listen, not ask too many mowing questions and just try to understand what makes them click while listening intently for topics that I can turn into Screencaps content.

Full confession: Not only have I not been around OutKick coworkers, I haven’t been around more than one coworker from my previous employer in like four years. Seriously. And that face-to-face was in a midtown New York City office where I walked in and not a single person under 30 looked up from their computer.

Those were the days.

Hey, good to see everyone!

Wait, who are you?

I’m the guy from Ohio.

Oh, never heard of it or you.

I’ll never forget the one coworker, still a friend to this day, who was born and raised in New York City, but thought the midwest was a different planet. One day, he asked me if we have trees in Ohio. He was serious. Great memories.

All joking aside, it will be nice to see faces and learn about people in real life versus trading Slack messages.

On job titles and changes

I’ve chosen: OutKick Senior Director of Content and Screencaps For Real America!

Yes, the exclamation point stays. This is the perfect time to update my job title because I have this meeting with coworkers who will have no choice but to pay their respects to me and this new, and long, title that will lead HR reps gasping.

Now it’s time to update my social media bios.

On a variety of topics including DIY golf simulators

• Chris S. writes:

Haven’t written in a while, but have been reading every morning. I, like many others in the Screencaps community, could write every day, the topics touched on here relate to most American’s, and I am grateful to know we all out here, going on about our lives in spite of what the media tells us. So I thought I would write one email that catches up on a few topics.

-Don’t blink:

This winter was great for outdoor hockey in SE Wisconsin. We played nearly every night, while the kids had travel and HS hockey almost every day. We finished the year with a marathon game with his fellow seniors outside, while we burned this year’s Christmas tree and crushed some Busch lattes. I am amazed how fast 8 years of hockey, and life have gone by. Our first year was of Travel hockey was 2012, my son was 8, my daughter was 5. All the money and time it took to play hockey, at first we wondered if we could handle it. Fast forward, and now our son has played his last HS hockey game, and my daughter just finished up the season playing at Notre Dame for her travel team, and now we are craving more. I would be lying if I said I haven’t shed a tear this year, knowing it is over with him. What seemed like so much work at first, now I wonder where the time went. I have 4 years left with her, and I will do my best to cherish every minute. Dads/Moms, it is true don’t blink.

Golf Simulator:

Anyone who golfs should buy a SkyTrak simulator. This has made SE WI winters bearable. I bought one this year, put it in my shop, and our Thursday night league now can “compete” no matter the weather. I have 3K invested in the whole thing, including projector. It is really accurate, and keeps you swinging all winter. I highly recommend it for anyone with a 9’ ceiling in a garage or basement.

-Dive bars:

This weekend, our favorite dive bar, State Line Inn, is closing for good. Some of the best people, with the tastiest cheap food you could ask for, are here. This is our go to, after Thursday night golf league, $1.00 burger bar. It has been here nearly 100 years, and now it is being replaced with a gas station. Can’t blame the owner, the offer was too good to pass up, but you can’t replace a bar like this.

This country is amazing. Don’t believe what you see and hear on the news and social media; in the real world, despite our “leaders” trying to wreck it, this is a country that can’t be beat, a country and a way of life to be proud of.

Hug your kids, call and tell your parents you love them and live a life you would want your kids to tell their kids about someday. We are blessed to live in this country, and we should act like it.

Thank you Joe for bringing all of us together, even if this is too much, or too rambling for the column, I know you can appreciate it.


What a perfect Friday morning email. While the ‘Don’t Blink’ messaging is ripping at my heart, I can’t help but focus on that indoor golf simulator for $3k that is highly recommended by Chris. I’m not going to lie, my heart is racing just thinking about the possibilities, including patio simulator nights AFTER 18 with the boys.

I’ll hit up Chris with questions and his design suggestions.

On new mowing shoes

• Paul T. writes:

Good morning Joe, got 2 pair for the upcoming season….took almost a year to break the Adidas in for yard work…and found the Momba 9s (always read Kobe loved a nice lawn same as the rest of us) in our garage to be donated…well it finally paid off after years of buying our son his fancy kicks…years of buying size 6 KDs or Jordans that would be outgrown in months…he finally grew into my size…will wear the KBs on all Thursdays before the majors…Memorial day, 4th of July, Labor Day and crawfish boils…and when I want embarrass family….keep up the great job with Screencaps!

On Screencaps theme songs

• Ryan M. suggests:

And now I have no choice but to end today’s post. I could roll on for hours writing about a bunch of topics, but I have this self-imposed 10 a.m. ET deadline to hit.

Now I need you guys to go out there and give 110% unless you’re scrolling through this post and then I’m going to need 125% of your attention. Enjoy scooting out of work after a long lunch and those Final Four games this weekend. Don’t forget there’s always Saturday Screencaps in bed while you’re hungover and waiting for that DoorDash order.

Have a great weekend!


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Written by Joe Kinsey

I'm an Ohio guy, born in Dayton, who roots for Ohio State and can handle you guys destroying the Buckeyes, Urban Meyer and everything associated with Columbus.

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  1. Re: on-line relationships. I have operated a website “blog” for going on 20 years. I have 10,000+ incredible readers/disciples … of which I “know in-person” MAYBE a couple of dozen. It is a PERFECT relationship … IMO.
    Reader Comments are a big part of my site’s success … as yours are here. I dismissed the thought of a “Lets All Get-Together” Rally years ago. Why? How can IT get any better than it is like this?
    I’m reminded of my all-time favorite movie Road House …. when people meet “Dalton” – “So you’re Dalton; I thought you’d be bigger…”… “Yeah, I hear that a lot.”

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