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What more can I say…what a weekend in Savannah

Over the years at this job I’ve learned there are very few bucket list items out there in the sports world that live up to expectations, and over-deliver, like what I experienced in Savannah where I was fortunate enough to see a Savannah Bananas baseball game at historic Grayson Stadium.

Simply put, it was an incredible experience that all Screencaps readers, who love to laugh and smile, need to enjoy at least once in life. It was one of those nights in sports I’ll never forget and this message is not #sponsored. I’m not just writing that because my buddy Collin was on the mound for an inning of work against the Nanners.

Is Banana Ball going to be a big hit with the nerds who love five-hour games and diving into analytical data to determine that the third baseman should be playing behind second base? Absolutely not, and that’s the beauty of the Bananas. It’s one huge carnival played at a pace that leaves you unable to get out of your seat because you’re afraid you’ll miss part of the show.

I wasn’t the only one to share this sentiment. The former MLB players said the same thing over post-game beers — this was one of the coolest things they’ve experienced during their sporting careers.

Later this morning, I’ll file a full fan experience report and tell you why seeing the Bananas in Savannah is critical.

The one key takeaway is that a Bananas game in Savannah is one of the happiest places on earth and it isn’t even close. If it’s a crime to enjoy manufactured sports entertainment, then I’m guilty as charged because I had a blast.

Quick hitters on visiting Savannah days before St. Patrick’s Weekend

• What a party town. I was told multiple times it’s a party town, but I’m a guy who needs to experience a party town to fully determine whether the town goes hard. Savannah goes HARD. Holy crap. New Orleans is great and all, but downtown Savannah was 100X cleaner than the French Quarter (don’t get me wrong, the Savannah party district is still grungy, but not NOLA grungy) and it’s way more explorable with some of the world’s most dangerous steps you’re ever going to risk your life walking down.

People have definitely died falling down these steps. This photo doesn’t do justice for the danger level on those steps.

• Is there a city in America with more bars per capita than Savannah? I get that the tourism industry is huge for Savannah, but we’re talking about what felt like 100 bars in about a 7-block radius. And they’re all packed. Friday night, my Georgia Southern professor buddy took us to what felt like 40 underground bars and you couldn’t go into one without it being shoulder to shoulder. Saturday night was more of the same with the MLB alumni guys.

• The Savannah to-go cup culture is perfect. If you don’t like the bar, grab a cup and get moving. While some cities have rules where you can’t go past a certain area with your drink, Savannah doesn’t seem to worry about such rules. It’s pointless.

• You better be ready to show an ID every single time you order a drink in this city. If you’re underage looking to suck down drinks, this isn’t the town for you because the bars are terrified of the state boys coming in here to hammer them so close to St. Patrick’s Day. I never received a drink without producing an ID even at the airport.

• BTW, it’s cheap to drink in Savannah. I had no idea. It would cost you more to hit the bars in NW Ohio than it would to party your ass off in Savannah.

• The Keno rules are crazy. So I can play Keno at a bar, but the bar is not allowed to cash the ticket and give me winnings back. For that, I had to go to a gas station. The state gaming officials need to fix that rule.

• I’m not a foodie, but this was pretty damn good. I know, I know, I know…you make a better boil at your ocean-front rental in the summer. Again, I’m not a foodie, save the emails.

• It was great to finally meet up with one of the Screencaps all-stars — Louie in Savannah. We were just sitting there minding our business at the Rusty Rudder when a bachelorette party consisting of 19 ladies ready to party rolled in and we quickly were told that 10 of the 19 were nurses and several of the nurses brought their own IV bags for rehydration purposes.

The 19 ladies came to Savannah from Nashville. They wanted nothing to do with the Nashville bachelorette scene.

• I’m still wondering if my Lyft driver from the airport, Secret, was using her real name.

• Yes, I’ll go back to Savannah with my wife for a relaxing weekend of walking around — this is one of the easiest walking cities I’ve ever visited — and quiet nights away from the bars.

• I apologize to those I wasn’t able to connect with. It was a whirlwind trip with very few moments to squeeze in visits and fun, especially with losing an hour.

• Yes, I need to return for St. Patrick’s Day. You couldn’t go into a bar without a bartender mentioning what is coming this Friday when Savannah turns into the second-largest St. Patrick’s Day celebration in America.

And that’s it for this morning. I am working on very little sleep after a crazy night of rushing home through Charlotte and getting into Detroit very late.

Look for my Bananas report here in a few hours.


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