Paige VanZant Is A Pro-Dog Woman, Count That As A Win In The Dogs Vs. Cats Debate

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Paige VanZant loves her dog, and that’s a big victory in the ongoing cats vs. dogs debate.

The former UFC star turned online content creator is known for pushing the limits on Instagram, but she showed a much softer side with a weekend post.

VanZant shared several photos of herself relaxing with her dog, and captioned the post, “I rescued him, then he rescued me.”

While the caption is definitely a bit cliche and corny, the post overall is very pro-dog. That’s something we’ll always support here at OutKick.

Paige VanZant loves her dog.

If there’s one thing that is guaranteed to always win you points online, it’s showing off your dog. Dog content is a guaranteed winner every single time.

It’s like being dealt a face card and an ace on a high limits blackjack table in Las Vegas. You just can’t beat it.

There’s nothing better than a dog, and the pro-dog side will always welcome new members with open arms. That’s especially true when we’re talking about a woman with millions of followers who can also crack your face open.

VanZant being pro-dog is very on-brand. Dogs are badass and loyal. She’s definitely has some grit to her spirit. Having a dog is exactly what we’d expect.

Paige VanZant is very pro-dog. (Photo by Michael Owens/Zuffa LLC/Zuffa LLC)

The debate between man’s best friend and cats rage on.

Believe it or not, there are actually people who think cats are superior to dogs. That’s like saying a garbage micro brew nobody has ever heard of is better than an iced down domestic bottle. We didn’t win WWII drinking IPAs. We won the big one drinking cold, cheap, mass produced beer.

America also hasn’t ever used cats to win wars or protect people. When the time comes for boots on the ground and bad guys to die, the military brings dogs.

Why? It’s pretty simple. Dogs can smell bombs, sniff out bad guys hiding and if necessary, tear a human limb to limb.

Did they bring cats on the raids to kill Osama Bin Laden and ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi? No, they brought dogs.

If you prefer cats over dogs, you’re literally choosing an animal that is useless when your life is on the line. They don’t call house cats weapons made of muscle. That’s reserved for dogs.

Whether it’s Paige VanZant, myself or all the other pro-dog people out there, just know you’ve chosen correctly. When you hear a bump in the night, your dog is ready to rock and roll if it comes to it. A cat won’t do a damn thing and that’s why they’re by far inferior animals.

Written by David Hookstead

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