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I know a majority of you couldn’t care less about the NBA, but there was big news out of Utah Wednesday night

No, I’m not talking about the Lakers-Jazz regular-season game in February. The new readers might not have heard my rules about the NBA back when I used to actually watch the NBA. I wouldn’t watch until mid-May when the conference finals started. The rest of the season is completely worthless unless you’re into gambling.

That said, something interesting happened off the court in Salt Lake City, where there were 5,000 fans in the stands. Now, I know that might not sound crazy, but we’re talking about a league where Toronto leads in home attendance average — 3,663 per game — while playing its home games in Tampa. After last night’s game, the Jazz are now averaging 2,857 per game. That should tell you why that 5,000 was so important in the grand scheme of where attendance at indoor sporting events is heading. That’s over 25% capacity at Vivint Arena.

Keep in mind the NCAA is saying it’ll allow up to 25% capacity for March Madness games played at locations around central Indiana. At this trajectory, it wouldn’t come as a shock to see the NCAA raise its capacity limits when the Final Four tips on April 3.

And it wouldn’t come as a huge shock to see Vivint Arena allow well over 50% capacity when the NBA playoffs tip on May 22. “I think if there’s going to be a normal time over the next 12 months, it’s likely to be this spring and summer,” Dr. Scott Gottlieb told CNBC this week. That came just days after Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Marty Makary said herd immunity will be here by April.

If you were looking for signs of heading back to normal, you got one last night in Utah from a woke league. Now picture the NFL and college football in the fall.

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  1. I’m a step ahead, I’ve thrown in the towel on college basketball as well. Every time I turn it on I see dudes standing around with this vaguely bored look on their face. Bunch of whiny LeBaron James wannabes. Let me know when FBS college football shows up, till then I’ll be watching European soccer.

    On a sidenote it is cool to have the FCS playing now as well.

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