Paige Spiranac Trolls Golf Course Dress Codes In Viral TikTok Video

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This may stun you, but it seems like golf influencer extraordinaire Paige Spiranac isn’t a fan of stuffy golf clubs with stodgy dress codes.

Shocking, right?

Ms. Spiranac, who knows how to churn out Internet hit after Internet hit, put that kind of club in her crosshairs.

Paige kept it short and sweet on this one. A glamor shot of her silky smooth golf swing with the caption “We have a dress code here.” Then smash cut to a kid nearly horking up his afternoon Lunchables.

Has so much ever been said with not much more than a tee shot and a near projectile vomiting?

I don’t think so. At this point in her illustrious influencing career are there still people who tell Paige Spiranac she can’t wear whatever she wants? That’s like telling Chappelle to put out his cigarette. She gets a lifetime pass.

Once you top the Maxim Hot 100 like Spiranac did, you should kind of get carte blanche to wear what you want.

If that means rolling up in a bikini top and short shorts or wearing a onesie and a propellor ha, so be it. Just toss her the key to her golf cart and let her be on her way.

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Written by Matt Reigle

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