Paige Spiranac Thinks NBA Has ‘Unspoken Code’ To Get Ladies Into Bubble

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Golf influencer Paige Spiranac has a theory on the NBA bubble and sneaking women onto the Disney campus. Paige, who knows a thing or two about dating an athlete, said on her podcast this week that there’s an “unspoken code when it comes to p***y” and that players might snitch on each other for things like masks.

She continued: “Like as an unspoken p***y code where if you have a girl there, you don’t say anything, but it’s like if you don’t wear a mask, free-for-all.”

Ok, I can get down with this theory. What if Adam Silver, who had a barbershop added to the bubble, has a secret Love Island type place where the NBA is keeping all the side pieces? Let’s theorize that the NBA is testing the side pieces and they’ve all come back negative and then they’re unleashed on the NBA bubble. The side pieces have been threatened with bubble banishment if they crack and announce where they’re holed up. What if Adam Silver secretly has a Czar of Side Pieces running this program and it’s Steve Nash treating it like a corporate senior vice president job?

The Czar of Side Pieces can’t let it slip that the NBA is using up tests for side pieces. This all has to be very quiet for that reason and you can’t have wives knowing there are side pieces floating around that bubble. All hell would break loose. This is like the Manhattan Project of side piece projects. No phones, no social media. If you want to be an official bubble side piece, you have to agree with the rules and agree to all the Morton’s you can eat to give up that phone.

I could see all of this being true. Notice how the guys haven’t been mentioning women? They’ve been oddly quiet on this subject. We’re talking about 20-somethings who love strip clubs, hooking up and slam pieces. I don’t believe for a second these guys would go cold turkey on the vagina and not one would make a scene on social media about it this far into the bubble. It’s not possible. These guys have zero infections inside the bubble and they’re acting like this is the greatest summer camp ever. I wasn’t born yesterday.

Paige Spiranac knows the underbelly of how the athlete world works. When she speaks, you should listen.

Written by Joe Kinsey

Joe Kinsey is the Senior Director of Content of OutKick and the editor of the Morning Screencaps column that examines a variety of stories taking place in real America.

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  1. Her podcast is good and she is legit funny. She had a recent one talking about the oddities of different athletes. One that cracked me up was, “NBA players will try to get it while wearing black socks and flip flops”. She is entertaining.

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