Paige Spiranac Tees Off In Short Skirt Then Hands Out Free Subscriptions To Her OnlyFans Spin-Off

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When you’re on top of your game you have a target on your back. Everyone wants to be the one to take dethrone the best. It’s part of life and part of competing at the highest levels.

The same is true in the world of influencing. Even for an influencer who seems as untouchable as Paige Spiranac. She’s the world’s No. 1 golf influencer and has everyone with a following grabbing some golf clubs in order to make some headlines.

Paige Spiranac Wardrobe Malfunction OnlyFans Spin-Off
World’s No. 1 golf influencer working on her swing (Image Credit: Paige Spiranac/Instagram)

Some are just having some fun with it. While others are using Paige’s influencing blueprint in order to elevate their own game and try to snatch her crown.

For the most part Paige ignores the noise. She keeps head down and remains focused on making content. Although, she has felt the need from time to time to address those who are using her blueprint in an attempt to reach her at the top.

Paige hit the course on Saturday morning with one thing on her mind, content. In an all white outfit, that featured a short skirt, she teed off for some “morning golf.”

What happened next is being described as a “wardrobe malfunction” by some. To me that’s not entirely accurate. Her wardrobe functioned exactly as she intended it to.

Paige let her club rip sending her ball a couple of hundred yards away. She then bent down to retrieve her tee and as she did her skirt lifted up a little.

Paige Spiranac Isn’t Going Anywhere

The staged “wardrobe malfunction” was just the beginning of the freebies she was handing out to her fans Saturday. Being the influencer of the people that she is, Paige offered a free subscription to her exclusive content site OnlyPaige.

All you had to do was be the person to correctly guess how far the ball traveled. She tweeted, “How far do you think I hit this drive? Correct answer gets a free subscription to OnlyPaige.”

When more than one of her followers responded with the correct answer, Paige handed out three free subscriptions. She said, “I reached out to the first 3 people to get it right in their DMs. 278 is the correct answer!”

Just another example of what separates Paige from the rest of the influencers trying to challenge her on a daily basis. It’s like watching Michael Jordan in his prime.

Written by Sean Joseph

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